Zero Waste Week, Day 3

Sep 08, 2020
Zero Waste Week, Day 3

From the 7th to the 11th of September it is Zero Waste Week!

To take part we will be sending out a Zero Waste Tip every single day this week, make sure to look for our emails in your inbox every day, as our goal are to share tips that you can do really easily at home, no need to necessarily go out and buy anything, just using what you have to reduce your waste.

Zero Waste Tip #3: Remember Your Reusables

These days there are so many options for reusables that you need a bag to carry them all around with you! It can be very difficult to always remember your bottletravel mug, shopping bags, cutlery straws. One way to remember to take everything with you on a day out is to plan ahead and have your bag packed and ready. If you are coming back from a shopping trip then make sure to put your reusable bags by the door, in your car or somewhere ready to grab on your way out so you won't forget them the next time you go!

Remember Your Reusables

There are other disposables that you can swap out for reusables in your home.


  • Shaving - Ditch the disposable and got for the Safety Razors

  • Face Cleaning & Removing Make up - Use washable bamboo/ cotton Make Up Wipes or a bamboo/ cotton flannel.

  • Cleaning Cloths - Rather than using disposables you can use old t shirts, simply cut them up into the desired size, fold over the sides and sew them up and they are ready to clean. These can also be used for dusting and cleaning elsewhere in the house.


  • Dish Cloths - Replace with a reusable cotton cloth, these can be washed and reused time and time again.

  • Washing Up Liquid - Some companies online along with refill shops offer refillable washing up liquid, so you can reuse the container over and over again.

  • All Purpose Cleaner - Similarly to the washing up liquid you can buy refillable all purpose cleaner, but alternative you could make your own at home. Here is a great guide to how to make your own.

Supporting The Ocean Cleanup

This month Ocean Helper is donating 10% of profits to the Ocean Cleanup because we adore everything they stand for and do! The Ocean Cleanup is at the forefront of developing technology to help erase plastic from the ocean, with the most recent accomplishment being the launch of the Interceptor 4 which is extracting waste from one of the dirtiest rivers in the world. We suggest checking out their Youtube Channel to learn more!

Stainless Steel Safety Razor

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