Zero Waste Tip #1 - Pack Your Own Lunch

The first full week in September it is Zero Waste Week!

Welcome to our Zero Waste Tips!

We created a series of Zero Waste Tips to celebrate the award-winning Zero Waste Week campaign with the goal of raising awareness about the environmental impact of all waste. It is for everyone to take part in, whether you are an individual, a business or an organisation, you can join in and reduce the amount you send to landfill!

Zero Waste Tip #1: Pack & Bring Your Own Lunch

Now this might seem like a really basic tip, but you would be surprised how much waste you can reduce by simply planning ahead and packing your own food to take with you when you go out for the day. 

According to research from the environmental charity Hubbub in 2019, the British create almost 11 billion individual pieces of packaging waste! Our habits of buy lunch whilst we are out and about is creating massive amounts of waste.

“Lunch-on-the-go items create huge levels of waste and unfortunately much of this isn’t recyclable as it’s made from mixed materials or isn’t recycled due to contamination from food residue...”

| Trewin Restorick, chief executive of Hubbub.

Bring Your Own Lunch

Going out for a day at the beach, or just heading to work? Packing your own lunch gives you complete control of the amount of waste your lunch produces. You do need a little planning to make a simple zero waste lunch, but once you get into a routine of doing it, it'll just become second nature. So many of us buy lunch on the go and that can lead to unnecessary waste from packing to leftovers.

No need to buy a fancy new lunchbox, just use what you have! Empty glass jars are great for nuts, seeds, crisps and other small snacks. Pack your sandwiches and fruit in an old lunchbox if you already have one or repurpose an old ice cream tub or another plastic tub. If you have beeswax wraps then they are great for sandwiches and don't forget your reusable water bottle!

If you are looking for a great guide and tips on how you can pack a zero waste lunch for your or your kids then check out this video from Aurora at Goodful!

Supporting The Ocean Cleanup

In September 2020 we donated 10% of sales to the Ocean Cleanup because we adore everything they stand for and do! Thanks to your amazing support that month we were able to donate $250 to their cause to support their mission to clean our oceans.

The Ocean Cleanup is at the forefront of developing technology to help erase plastic from the ocean, with the most recent accomplishment being the launch of the Interceptor 4 which is extracting waste from one of the dirtiest rivers in the world. We suggest checking out their Youtube Channel to learn more!

Eco Friendly Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Pack your lunch in one of these adorable Eco Friendly Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes, perfect for picnics on the beach or taking your own lunch into the office.

Banish the single use plastic that comes with buying lunch on the go and come prepared with your own (plastic free) homemade food! These lunchboxes come with 1, 2 or 3 layers in either blue, green or pink containers. All come with a thermo navy blue bag to ensure that your hot food is kept safe and hot!

Eco Friendly Stainless Steel Lunchbox

Order Yours Here Today! Support Amazing Marine Conservation Charities with every purchase!

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