Learn About Whale Sharks

The endangered gentle giants of the sea need your help!

Whale Sharks

Scientific Name: Rhincodon typus

Average Lifespan: 70 years

IUCN Status: Endangered

Average Size: 12 ft - 40 ft

Average Weight: 11 tons - 21 tons

Habitat Range: Preferring warmer waters, whale sharks populate the worlds tropical oceans and can be found throughout.

Threats To Species

Unfortunately in Asia there is still a demand for whale shark meat, fins and oil, which means they are still at threat from unsustainable and unregulated fisheries.

Their large size also puts them at risk of bycatch. Whale sharks are often found tangled in ghost gear (abandoned or lost fishing equipment) these can cause them injury and in some of the worst cases death.

Interesting Facts About Whale Sharks

  1. As slow movers, whale sharks move at speeds no faster than 3 mphs. It takes one of them 3 years to travel 8,000 miles!

  2. Whale sharks aren't able to bite or chew despite their mouths being able to stretch to 4 ft wide. They are filter feeders with thousands of tiny teeth and they filter plankton and small fish through their modified gills.  

  3. Research has estimated that less than 10% of whale sharks born will survive into adulthood because their mothers leave their young to fend for themselves. 

  4. Whale sharks are in no way related to whales, they are actually sharks and very gentle ones at that.

  5. They can filter over 6,000 litres of water each hour through their gills!

Whale Shark Image

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