We Have Reached Our Target! THANKS TO YOU

🎉 Thanks to your support and efforts we have now been able to rescue over 20,000 baby sea turtles! 🎉

Over 20,300 baby sea turtles

As of August 1st you guys have helped to rescue over 21,423 sea turtle hatchlings!

We are so excited to announce that we have reached our goal of 20,000 hatchlings saved! But we couldn't have done any of it without your awesome support.

A bit about Billion Baby Turtles...

When ever you make a purchase with Ocean Helper you are helping to fund the Billion Baby Turtles project. For each item you purchase from us we make a donation to the organization and save at least 1 baby sea turtle.

But what do Billion Baby Turtles do?

The funds raised for Billion Baby Turtles are used to cover the costs of hiring local residents to patrol turtle nesting beaches and protecting the turtles and their nests. In addition, the funds are used to build and maintain hatcheries where the eggs are protected until they hatch and are released to the ocean.

You can read more about their partners here


We are super excited to announce that our next goal will be to save 50,000 sea turtle hatchlings:

Can You Help Us Save 50,000?

Enchanted Ocean - 3 For 1 Offer

In July we asked our Instagram followers to vote for which Enchanted Ocean Necklaces they liked best.

The top three styles were selected by you and THIS MONTH you can claim all three for just $29.95! That's all 3 for the price of 1!

PLUS every necklace saves a baby sea turtle, meaning that if you grab 3 necklaces for the price of one you will be rescuing 3 sea turtle hatchlings!

The Surfer - The Adventurer - The Swimmer - Which one is your favorite?

Get yours here today! Don't wait as this offer is only available while stocks last!

Enchanted Ocean Necklace


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