Turning the January Blues into January Blue!

Many people find January one of the hardest months of the year, this can be because of the colder, harsher weathers, struggles with finances and even dealing with depression. We aren't experts in mental health, and if you are seriously struggling then we do suggest seeking support and medical advice to help you through tougher times. Also, please follow your local governments guidelines when it comes to outdoor activities.

You Are Not Alone

One thing everyone who is part of the Ocean Helper community shares is the connection and love to the ocean. In trying times a trip to the beach and sometime near the ocean can rejuvenate and relax the mind and soul. With this in mind we have come up with a few things that you can do to help battle your January blues:

  • Visit the Beach - Feel the sand between your toes, hear the ocean crashing up the beach and breath in that sweet salty air. Equally going for a walk around the coast can help clear your mind.

  • Litter Picking - Perhaps you can't visit the beach, maybe you live too far but I always find that going outside helps to clear my mind. Sometimes when you are feeling down it can be difficult to build up the courage and energy to just go out for a walk, which is where the litter picking comes in. Going out with a purpose gives you a drive, and the boost you feel for doing something productive like removing trash & litter from the streets and surrounding areas.

  • Listen to the Sounds of the Sea - Another option if you are unable to get to the beach then many people find simply hearing the sound of waves, or whale songs relaxing and calming. If you struggle to sleep at night then pop on some tidal noises to help ease you into your dreams. We have a few different videos linked from youtube that you might like to try below:

  • Try Something New - A great way to keep yourself active and improve your mood can be to try out something new. Perhaps you have always wanted to try and up-cycle old items around your home or to make something new from waste. 

Your Purchase Supports Ocean Charities

Here at Ocean Helper we are committed to supporting incredible marine conservation charities, we choose a different one to support each month and donate 10% of gross profits to them! So every time you purchase from Ocean Helper your order is helping to support research and conservation efforts to protect our oceans!

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