Tell Walmart No More Single-Use Plastic Bags

Walmart Gives Out 20 Billion Plastic Bags Each Year

We have been asked by one of our dedicated followers to investigate walmarts apparent excessive use of single use plastic bags. 

Were you aware that it is estimated that walmart give out around 20 billion single use plastic bag every year! On Walmart's website in regards to plastic packaging they state that their goal for North America is to have 100% recyclable packaging for their own brand products by 2025. They also offer their customers reusable shopping bags at the check out as well as provide recycling bins for single use plastic bags. But there is no sign of them phasing out theses single use plastic bags, instead they launched a campaign called “Pack One More Item” in some stores in the United States with the aim of creating 'responsible bagging'. 

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Sign The Petition - Tell Walmart They Need To Do More

If you want Walmart to do more to eradicate single use plastic bags then there are a few things you can do. You can contact Walmart directly through their customer service and lodge a complaint, requesting that they listen to you, the consumer, to remove single use plastic bags from their stores.

The easiest is to take a moment to sign this petition to Doug McMillon, the President & CEO of Walmart International demanding that Walmart stop the use of single-use plastics and switch to a more sustainable solution.

"But we can bring our own bags. We know this works. In Australia, two major retailers, David Jones and Myers, eliminated plastic bags in their stores and the plastic bag use of the country reduced by 80%. Similarly, Los Angeles County placed a ban on plastic bags with a charge on paper ones and their single-use bag usage decreased by 95%."Jocelyn Xu, creator of the petition.

Click here to Sign The Petition!

Sign the Petition - Fight Against Single Use Bags

Break Free From Single Use Plastic

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