Tell Takeaways To Stop Supporting The Shark Fin Trade

Shark finning is one of the most heartbreaking industries in the world.

We must join together and do all we can to fight it, and protect the oceans apex predators.

What is shark finning?

Shark finning is the removal of the fins of a shark and then discarding its body, often still alive, at sea. Unfortunately the sharks do not die peacefully, as they are unable to swim properly and suffering from heavy blood loss.

How can we fight it?

The biggest way that we can all do our part to eradicate the shark fin industry is by reducing the demand for shark fins and changing our attitudes. There are encouraging signs that shark-fin soup consumption is in decline, and many countries have banned the practice, along with the EU and USA banning the practice of finning sharks on board boats.

So say no to shark fins, if you are ever offered it as an option, think about what the shark could have gone through to make it onto your plate. Petition stores and restaurants to stop supporting this trade and keep shark fins off their menus.  

Sign The Petition

Did you know that in Italy, takeaway delivery companies Deliveroo, Just Eat and Menulog advertise and sell Shark fin soups. A petition set up by Friends of the Sea is urging these companies to take shark fins off their menu and also screen what meats and seafood the restaurants offer to avoid advertising food that can possibly endangered species, have a negative impact on environmental or uses unsustainable methods. They can help a lot in directing restaurants towards a more sustainable options.

Sign The Petition - Fight Shark Finning


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