Tell Panda Express To Do More To Save The Oceans!

Panda Express needs to STOP providing plastic!

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is bigger than Texas and still growing.

Around the world people are becoming more and more aware of the devastating effects of plastic pollution and starting to demand big companies and brands do more to stem the tide of plastic. 

Sign the Petition!

We encourage you to support the petition set up by Isha to Panda Express to reduce their plastic waste:

"If you have ever eaten at Panda Express, you know how much waste they create--a plastic container, plastic utensils, maybe a plastic bag. And that's just for one person. Panda Express has over 2,000 locations, each processing hundreds of orders a day. Think about how much plastic could be saved if Panda Express switched to biodegradable or reusable products." 

They have pledge to not eat from Panda Express until they make a commitment to change like many other big brands, such as Subway and Trader Joe's. Join them in calling out Panda Express and sign the petition today!

Tell Panda Express No

Click here or on the image above to sign the petition.

Bring Your Own Reusable Cutlery!

The choices we make each day impact the environment. Sometimes it’s a big decision… sometimes it’s as small as refusing plastic cutlery. Keep one of our handy reusable bamboo cutlery sets in your desk or handbag and always be able to eat on the go without using plastic cutlery.

Comes in a handy carry pouch containing a spoon, fork and knife all made from sustainable bamboo and really easy to clean. Order yours today for just $9.95!

Bamboo Is Best

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