Talking Like A Pirate

Sep 15, 2019
Talking Like A Pirate

It's that time of year again! Grab yer pirate hats and plunder some treasure chests because it's Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Talk Like A Pirate day is held each year on September 19th. 

How to celebrate:

There are loads of ways you can celebrate Talk Like A Pirate:

  1. Celebrate with friends and family at a pirate party. You could host your own or attend someone else's.

  2. Learn about pirates, there are lots of well known pirate stories, but do you know their origins?

  3. Gather your family and watch a couple of pirate films, see how their vocabulary stacks up to what you know.

  4. The easiest way to celebrate Talk like a Pirate day is, of course, to talk like a pirate!

  5. Dress up like a pirate! Because what better opportunity to create a pirate costume.

Read more ways you can celebrate here on Mental Floss.

Pirate Words & Phrases

We have compiled a list of words and phrases that you can use on Talk Like A Pirate Day:

  • Ahoy - Hello

  • Avast - Stop or Desist 

  • Avast Ye - A command to pay attention or listen up

  • Aye - Yes!

  • Blaggard - Someone who cannot be trusted

  • Booty - Treasure 

  • Buccaneer - A pirate

  • Cackle Fruit - Chicken Eggs

  • Clap of Thunder - A shot or strong alcoholic beverage.

  • Carouser - A reckless person, someone who drinks too much

  • Cutlass - A curved sword

  • Davy Jones' Locker - The bottom of the sea

  • Hearties - Friends

  • Heave Ho - Put your back into it

  • Hornswaggle - To cheat

  • Jolly Roger - A pirate flag

  • Land Ahoy - Land spotted

  • Landlubber - A land dweller

  • Loot - Stolen money or belongings

  • Marooned - left alone on a desert island

  • Matey - Buddy/ friend 

  • Me - My

  • Mutiny - When the crew revels

  • Pirate - Robber of the sea

  • Plunder - To steal

  • Privateer - Government appointed pirates

  • Run a Rig - Play a joke or trick someone

  • Savvy - To understand

  • Scourge - A troublemaker

  • Scuttle - Sink the ship

  • Sea Dog - An experienced sailor 

  • Sea Legs - Sailing without being seasick

  • Set Sail - Head out

  • Shanty - Sea songs

  • Shark Bait - A dying sailor

  • Shipmate - A fellow sailor

  • Shiver Me Timbers - Crikey/ OMG

  • Smartly - Quickly

  • Son of a Biscuit Eater - An insult

  • Thar She Blows - There's a whale/ when you see a whale

  • The Black Spot - Threat of death

  • Three Sheets To The Wind - Referring to how drunk a person is, one sheet is tipsy (mildly drunk) to four sheets which is passed out.

  • Walk The Plank - When someone is made to walk off a wooden board over the ocean, ultimately resulting in drowning.

  • Weigh Anchor - Raise the anchor

  • Ye - You

Get out there and use your new vocabulary to find some pirate friends!

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