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The North Sea is found in the Atlantic Ocean, between the mainland of northwestern Europe and the British Isles. It is one of Europe's most productive fisheries with a vast ecosystem, with fish such as mackerel, sole, European plaice and coalfish being caught there.

It is also known to have an extensive reserve of natural gases and oil beneath it's seafloor, making it Europe's most important oil and gas production area! However concerns have grown in recent years surrounding climate change and the need to look into more sustainable forms of energy which has pushed governments into looking at the potential to harness wind energy in the North Sea.

The World's largest wind farm can be found in the south North Sea off Yorkshire, which shows the amazing potential that wind power has! 

Greenpeace Need You!

A petition started by Greenpeace is calling on the governments to end oil and gas industries control of the North Sea, and to find a sustainable way to more to renewable options that will protect the environment and ecosystems as well as preserving jobs and work.

"We must start a green transition that creates quality jobs while taking care of the environment and tackling the climate emergency. Governments must bail out people and climate, not polluting fossil fuels!"

Protect The North Sea - Sign The Petition

Click here to sign the petition.

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