Supporting Sea Bears

Feb 26, 2021
Supporting Sea Bears

What are current Polar Bear Populations?

Global Estimates are that there are 22,000 - 31,000 bears in the wild at the moment. They are split into 19 distinct sub-populations, with around 60% - 80% living in Canada's regions.

The most recent figures published on Polar Bear populations comes from 2019 as released by the Polar Bear Specialist Group. A Russian research team has announced that they are planning to do a mass survey of all the polar bears in their region between 2021 - 2023, though the last survey they did of the Kara Sea region was not accepted by IUCNs Polar Bear Specialist Group, which is why that area is still listed as data deficient.

Polar Bear on a Beach

Population Status by Region:

  • International: Vulnerable
  • Canada: Special Concern
  • Greenland / Denmark: Vulnerable
  • Norway: Vulnerable
  • Russia: Indeterminate, Rare, or Recovering, depending on population
  • United States: Threatened

Of the 19 sub-population:

  • 4 populations are in decline
  • 2 populations are increasing
  • 5 populations are stable
  • 8 populations are data-deficient (information missing or outdated)

How to support Polar Bears

Currently the biggest threat to polar bears is the loss of their habitat, which means that the easiest way that you can help protect and support polar bears is by reducing your carbon footprint to help combat climate change and slow the melting of the Arctic Ice. 

Want to donate directly to support polar bears, then we suggest the WWFs Adopt A Polar Bear, you can send money monthly to support polar bear conservation and in return you'll get an adorable fluffy toy, along with a welcome pack and regular updates on how your money is being used to protect polar bears.

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