Stamp Out Butt Littering 🚭

Dropped cigarette butts is the most common form of littering.


Cigarette butts are poisoning the ocean

Did you know that an estimated 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered each year?! And only 38% of smokers are aware that cigarettes contain plastic! It is clear that more education is needed to make people more aware of the negative impact of cigarette butts because though they are small, they make up a large contribution to marine pollution.

Research is being done on the impact of cigarette butts in the ocean, though little is currently known about cigarette butt's direct impact on marine life. They pose the same risk to marine life as other plastic pollution, and as they are smaller they are easier for creatures to swallow. They are also filled with chemicals and toxins that can poison the water and sea life around them. 

Find out more information on the #BinTheButt campaign here...

What can we do?

There are a few ways you can take action today:

  • Share your support for the campaign! Use the hashtags #BinTheButt and #FlickingBlueMurder on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Contact your local government, especially if you are aware of cigarette butt littering your local streets. Ask them to take action on the problem.

We are also supporting the petition set up by Alice Clements who wants to see our planet protected from the "...Big, Bad Butts". She wants to see 

"I feel the major tobacco brands such as Philip Morris, British American Tobacco (BAT), Imperial Brands and Altria Group need to take more responsibility for their products and the the devastating effect they have on the environment."

Alice Clements

Help to hold them to account, sign the petition today. Alice is demanding more to be done about the butt littering problem, to see stricter punishments enforced for people who litter their cigarette butts as well as more education to make people more aware of where their butts go and the impact they have.

Sign the petition, either click on the link or the image below.

Sign the Petition, End Cigarette Littering

Click here to sign the petition!

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