Soda Streams - Better For You and the Ocean

Soda Streams, often considered an unnecessary luxury in the kitchen, but could they actually be a big part of reducing the amount of plastic bottles we are buying?

The answer may surprise you but YES! Investing in a Soda Stream will reduce the amount of plastic bottles you consume as the machine come with a reusable bottle which can be used over and over again for multiple different flavours and tastes!

With over a million sea birds and marine life being killed each year by plastic pollution a drastic change is needed. We aren't going to be able to recycle ourselves out of the plastic problem. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists today and 8 million tons of it finds its way into the oceans annually!

Soda streams work without electric or battery power and is very easy to use. Create your favourite sodas and fizzy drinks in the comfort of your own home and without the single use plastic waste. 

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