Sea Otter Awareness Week 2020

Sea otters awareness week falls during the last full week of September.

This is a time to recognise their important role in the ecosystem.

Why are Sea Otters Important?

Did you know that Sea Otters are considered a keystone species in their ecosystem!? The sea otter is a top predator and with that comes the responsibility to maintain a health and well balanced ecosystem. One of the most important ways the sea otter helps to protect their ecosystems is keeping the sea urchin numbers low. Without the sea otters keeping their population down the sea urchins would decimate the kelp forest which provides an essential home for many marine inhabitants. 

Fun Facts About Sea Otters:

  1. Sea otters can spend their entire lives in the water. 

  2. They need to consume between 25 and 40 percent of its body weight daily, just to keep warm.

  3. They have the thickest fur in the world! Because they lack a blubber layer their fur makes up for it, with between 600,000 to 1,000,000 hair follicles per square inch! This fur is not only dense but water-resistance to ensure they are insulated.

  4. Sea otters will form an attachment to their favorite stone and will carry it with them. They tuck them away in their armpit when they aren't using them. They have even been known to juggle their rocks!

  5. Females will typically have one pup at a time. They will teach their young to hunt and dive for food up to the age of 5 to 8 month, by which time they will be old enough to fend for themselves.

  6. They are very agile swimmers, though they are not fast. Most of the time they are floating on their backs in the water, only flipping over to swim quickly when they need to. Underwater they can reach speeds of up to 9 kmp. 

  7. Sea otters can form social groups of typically a few dozen and when they are on the ocean in these groups they are called rafts. One of the largest rafts every recorded featured around 2,000 sea otters!

  8. To stop them from floating apart when they are sleeping sea otters are often seen holding each others paws. 

  9. They can often be spotted obsessively cleaning their fur, but this is for good reason because if their fur gets dirty then it struggles to absorb the air it needs to stay warm. This is why oil spills are devastating for sea otter populations.

  10. Sea otters are the only marine mammal to catch fish and prey with their paws! They eat more than 100 different species of prey.

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