Save The Vaquita - The World Rarest Porpoise

Here at Ocean Helper we have been following the plight of the vaquita.

We have seen their numbers dwindle from 20 to 16 to 12 to 10.

Save the Vaquita Day

Today, July 18th, is Save the Vaquita Day, with the goal of directing the world's attention to the critically endangered vaquita. It is estimated that there are less than 20 left in the wild, potentially less than 10, and their numbers will continue to drop unless action is taken.

What you can do for Save the Vaquita day:

  • Raise awareness and spread the word on social media, use the hashtags #SavetheVaquita and #SavetheVaquita2020 on Twitter and Instagram to share your knowledge and love for these sweet and threatened porpoises.

  • Adopt a Vaquita! Support the Porpoise Conservation Society with a symbolic adoption of a vaquita, every donation supports their conservation and education efforts. Click here:

  • Donate and support the Sea Shepherds, they are on the front line pulling gilnets out of the ocean and doing everything they can to ensure the vaquitas environment is as safe as possible to protect their future survival. Click here to donate:

  • Watch Sea of Shadows - a documentary focusing on Mexican drug cartels and Chinese traffickers working together to poach the rare totoaba fish in the Sea of Cortez. The methods they use threaten to destroy much marine life in the region, including the vaquita porpoise. - National Geographic Films, Sea of Shadow Overview, this film can be watched on Nat Geo TV or can be bought on DVD.

  • Read & learn about the vaquita. If this is somehow the first time you are hearing about the world's most endangered porpoise then we have plenty of resources for you to read and educate yourself with.
  • Sign the petition to save the vaquita - Click here to protect the vaquita from imminent extinction

Free Porpoise Ring for Save the Vaquita Day

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