Save The Sea Turtles ūüźĘ

6 out of 7 species of sea turtle are threatened or endangered!

Saving the sea turtles is a cause very close to our heart.

Why should we save Sea Turtles?

Many people aren't aware that sea turtles are actually very important for maintaining the delicate ecosystem in the ocean. Each species play a different role but each is important.

Green Sea Turtles graze on seagrass on the ocean floor and are actually a vital part of the nutrient cycle. By grazing on the seagrass they actually increase the productivity and nutrition of the seagrass. If they weren't constantly grazing then the seabed would become overgrown obstructing currents and blocking the light from the bottom of the bed. The seagrass would decompose and become a habitat for slime moulds and see flourishing algae and fungi, which would have a negative impact in large volumes. Green sea turtles feast on the seagrass just below the tips allowing the old taller portions to float away and encouraging new, nutritional growth from the seagrass.  

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Hawksbill Sea Turtles also help keep coral reefs healthy. They feed on a variety of sponges as they are one of the few marine creatures that can get past the sponges defences to rip them apart with their beak-like mouths. Sponges are always aggressively competing for space among the coral. As the hawksbill remove the sponge from the reefs it allows more coral to build and grow and it prevents the sponges from dominating and completely taking over.

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Loggerhead Sea Turtles provide an important role for the ocean floor ecosystem. With their powerful jaws they are able to easily munch on crabs and other hard-shelled prey. This is surprisingly important because they can break down these hard shells into small pieces which speeds up the process of the shell disintegrating. Whilst foraging for their prey they actually alter the ocean floor by clearing away sand in the hunt for their prey. This creates a trail of sediment and accelerates the distribution of nutrients! 

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Leatherback Sea Turtles are key to keeping jellyfish blooms down! As adult leatherbacks feed almost exclusively on jellyfish, studies have found that a dip in their number sees a boom in jellyfish populations. A jellyfish bloom can disrupt the natural ecosystem as they impact the number of smaller fish that larger prey rely on. Some studies have also found that a bloom can impact the "carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycling, shifting the availability to microbial communities."

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For a more indepth dive into the importance of sea turtles please check out Oceana's report here. 

How Can We Protect Sea Turtles?

There are a number of ways we can all act in our everyday lives to do our part to protect sea turtles around the world:

  • Say No To Plastic - A study has found that at least 50% of sea turtles have ingested plastic, once a turtle has ingested 14 piece of plastic it has a 50% chance of surviving.

  • Support Sustainable Fisheries - Make sure if you are buying seafood that it comes from a reputable source, from fisheries and fishing fleets that use turtle excluders in their nets.

  • Don't Buy Turtle Shell - In¬†Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia,¬†and Africa there are still tourist shops that sell turtle shell jewelry and other items.

  • Dark Nesting Beaches - White lights can affect nesting sea turtle mother when they try to lay their eggs, they also disorient hatchlings that are trying to make their way to the ocean.

  • Supporting Amazing Charities - We¬†can recommend¬†BHI Conservancy,¬†SEE Turtles¬†and¬†Sea Turtle Conservancy.¬†

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Supporting Bald Head Island Conservancy

In October 2020 we donated 10% of sales to the fabulous team at Bald Head Conservancy who are working to defend their sea turtle populations, as well as the wide variety of wildlife that can be found on and around the island.

Efforts to¬†defend sea turtles on Bald Head Island date back to 1980.¬†The BHI Conservancy was¬†founded in 1983 and since they have coordinated and sponsored the Sea Turtle Protection Program, in cooperation with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and the National Marine Fisheries Service. Bald Head Island has been designated as an ‚Äúindex beach‚ÄĚ by NMFS, meaning that their¬†sea turtle nesting activity and the protection program are nationally recognized! We are incredibly excited to be support their work this autumn. Please go to their website to donate directly and check them out on Social Media - Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Thanks to the awesome support from our customers and followers we were able to donate $240 to Bald Head Island Conservancy. If you want to support them then head over to their website to make a direct donation:

October 2020 Charity - Bald Head Island Conservancy

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