Save Seabirds from Longline Fishing

How Longline Fishing Affects Seabird

Every year thousands of seabirds are killed by longline fisheries, there are 23 seabird species that are in danger of becoming extinct because of longline fisheries many of which are albatross.

If a seabird comes across a longline they will attempt to take the bait off the hooks, however this often ends up with the birds getting caught on the hook where they will be dragged underwater and drowned. These deaths are even more heartbreaking when you find out that they can easily and cheaply be prevented! Through the use of 'bird scaring' lines, which essentially scare off birds so they don't go after the bait, bycatch bird deaths drops to zero and some studies have even found that the fish catch rate actually increases! It has also been suggested that using these longlines at night can reduce the amount of seabird bycatch because the birds are less active at night.

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Sign The Petition

Friends of the Sea have created a petition to gain support and encourage longline users to implement simple mitigation measures which can dramatically reduce the number of birds being killed by bycatch. 

"Friend of the Sea, a major certification for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture already requests its certified fisheries to prevent albatross bycatch. With your support, we can motivate MORE fisheries and key players in the seafood processing industry, retail and politicians to join and engage to protect albatross and seabirds from longliners."

If you want to see more being done to protect seabirds from the devastating 150,000 bycatch deaths each year then take a few minutes to sign and share this petition. Many species such as the black-footed albatross and the wandering albatross are facing extinction because these simple measures aren't being used by all longline fisheries.

Click here to sign the petition to protect seabirds from longline fishing!

Sign the Petition - Protect Seabirds

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