Protecting Nesting Sea Turtles

Did you know there are actually people in the world who steal sea turtles eggs!?!


Unfortunately it is not uncommon for poachers to steal sea turtle eggs. Normally, poachers will wait until the sea turtles have laid their eggs and then go and steal them by the hundreds.

The above video is from 2016.

Last year a video went viral of men snatching a female sea turtles from the ocean as they came to shore to lay their eggs. This took place in La Flor Beach Natural Reserve in Nicaragua, which is a protected area and a hot spot for female Olive Ridley sea turtles to nest.

Read more about this story over on The Dodo...

We Can Help To Stop This...

After the video went viral showing the unsuspecting sea turtle taken from the ocean a petition was set up to the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega:

"Please join us in demanding that Nicaraguan officials implement a beach watch and guard program to protect sea turtles during nesting season and prosecute poachers to the fullest extent of the law. Sign the petition."

If you feel that this is something you want to support, to protect not only the unborn sea turtles but also their mothers then you can sign the petition here.

Sign The Petition

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