Protecting Sea Turtles After Lockdown

How Lockdown Has Impacts Sea Turtle Nests

Over the last month we have seen wonderful stories about sea turtle species thriving around the world. With record numbers of leatherback turtles hatching in Thailand, hawksbill turtles hatching on empty Brazilian beaches, increased numbers of loggerhead & leatherback sea turtles seen on beaches in Florida and green turtles hatching on Australia's Heron Island.

Many nesting beaches have been tourist and visitor free, which has meant less pollution and plastic waste, as well as fewer disturbances for the nesting and hatching sea turtles. 

How we can protect sea turtles after lockdown is lifted?

Thankfully for us, lockdown won't last forever and we will soon be able to return to the beaches and coastlines that we love. However, after seeing these incredible increases in turtle populations on these empty nesting beaches it does pose the question, how can we ensure that we continue to see improvements to these populations. We have seen that it can be done and the potential to bring the vulnerable and endangered species back from the brink.

Sign the Petition

Once lockdown is lifted around the world we must not go back to the way things were. This is our chance to come together and protect the ocean, we have seen the potential for it to recover and we must ensure that it continues to recover and recuperate.

You can do your part today, a petition set up by Pure Ocean is imploring the world to take action and commit to supporting research projects in biodiversity, climate and ocean health. 

Sign the petition today and declare that...

  • We need to devote more resources to oceanic research for health, climate and biodiversity

  • Ask all public and private actors to commit to funding research programs related to the ocean

  • Invite all those who can to finance the innovative research projects selected by the scientific committee of the NGO Pure Ocean

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