Ocean Helper's Gift Guide for Little Ocean Helpers

The festive season is almost upon us and so we have compiled our top 10 gifts for Ocean Helper Kids this Christmas.

We'll be doing special offers for all of the products listed bellow in the run up to the holiday season, so be sure to keep an eye out for our emails!

Here is our guide to help you find the perfect gift for your Little Ocean Helpers this holiday:

1) Ocean Helper Kid's T Shirt

Ocean Helper Kid's T Shirt

We have a few different kid's t shirts designs available all featuring our classic Ocean Helper fish and made of 100% cotton.

Original T Shirt - Click here to check it out!

New Ocean Helper T Shirt - Click here to check it out!

Ocean Helper Back Print T Shirt - Click here to check it out!

2) Turtle Rescue Bracelet

Turtle Rescue Bracelet

Why not grab a multipack of our Turtle Rescue Bracelets, they make excellent stocking stuffers and for each bracelet you buy we rescue a baby sea turtle!

Click here to grab some stocking stuffers!

3) Jolly Roger Bracelet

Jolly Roger Bracelets

Is your child a pirate in the making? Then why not get one of our Jolly Roger Bracelets

Click here for a rugged pirate bracelet!

4) Opal Ocean Mermaid Necklace

Opal Ocean Mermaid Necklace

Or perhaps you have a little one who is more interested in being a mermaid? This stunning Opal Ocean Mermaid Necklace would make the perfect accessory!

Click here for an elegant necklace!

5) Hand-carved Turtle Bracelet & Necklace Set

Carved Turtle Jewelry Set

This is one of our best selling jewelry sets! Hand carved sea turtles with Hawaiian designs on their shells. A great gift for your kids to show their love for turtles and respect of the ocean.

Click here to grab this awesome jewelry set!

6) Crystal Starfish Necklace

Crystal Starfish Necklaces

Does your little star deserve a crystal starfish necklace?

Click here to get this starfish necklace!

7) Ocean Helper Surf Bracelet

Ocean Helper Surf Bracelet

Our new surf bracelet were only launched in 2018 and have been a massive hit with our supporters! These bracelets are a symbol of our commitment to reduce plastic pollution and protect our oceans.

Click here to get a bracelet and introduce your child to the Clean Ocean Campaign!

8) Captain's Ocean Bracelet

Captain's Bracelet

Have you got a keen young skipper, longing to be out sailing the high seas? Why not treat them this Christmas to a Captain's Ocean Bracelet. 

Click here for a bracelet fit for the captain!

9) Ocean Helper Reusable Water Bottle

Ocean Helper Water Bottle

Have you started to teach your kids about reducing their plastic waste? Getting them a reusable water bottle can be a good start to encourage them to reuse and reduce!

Click here for an Ocean Helper Reusable Water Bottle!

10) Original Ocean Helper Surf Necklace

Original Ocean Helper Surf Necklace

Why not also grab one of our Original Ocean Helper Surf Necklaces, they match perfectly with the Ocean Helper Surf Bracelets and are made from 100% natural materials!

Click here to get our original surf necklace to match our surf bracelets.

Don't forget! As we get closer to Christmas we will be launching more offers! Make sure you have added Ocean Helper to your safe senders list so you don't miss out on the amazing offers and deals this Christmas!

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