Ocean Helper's Gift Guide

Not sure what to get them? Not to worry we can help!

We know that some people are hard to buy for and we are quite often asked what we would recommend. So we have created this helpful gift guide to make things easier! 

Every purchase made through Ocean Helper saves a sea turtle hatchling, so you are protecting marine life when you buy from us. Plus each month we are dedicated to donating 10% of profits to amazing charities who are committed to protecting and support the ocean and its inhabitants.

Top 5 Gifts For The Ocean Friendly

Do you have a friend or family member who is looking to lead a more eco conscious life? Perhaps you want to help encourage a friend or work colleague to useless plastic? We have created a great list of high quality, ocean & eco friendly products to help reduce plastic in many areas of day to day life.


Half Price Shampoo Bars

Shampoo Bars

A big trend for this year was shampoo bars and we can't get enough of them! Introduce your friends and family to the all natural shampoo bars, and we've got plenty for you to choose from here!

Currently HALF PRICE click the image above to get some today.


Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Stainless Steel Safety Razor

The choices we make each day impact the environment. Sometimes it’s a big decision… sometimes it’s as small as swapping your disposable razors for a safety razor.

These razors are perfect for gentlemen looking for an authentic shaving experience or ladies looking for a closer shave with a lifetime offer of reusability. 

A classically styled, traditional safety razor with a twisted pattern handle, finished in a flawless chrome plating. Treat someone to a new shaving experience this Christmas.

Save 33% or More When On Your Order Today!


Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax Wraps

Made from 100% biodegradable materials, so once they have worn out their use (usually after about a year) you can simply cut it up and pop it in the compost or use it as a great fire starter.

They come in a beautiful range of styles and patterns, so you are sure to find one that suits your friend or family member!

Easy to clean and store and perfect for wrapping up leftovers, covering food, wrapping sandwiches and much, much more.

No more plastic wrap! Help them protect our oceans and reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills.

Order A Pack Of Beeswax Wraps Today!


Ocean Helper Bundle

Why you buy our bundle including an Ocean Helper Reusable Water Bottle & matching Reusable Coffee Mug then we'll send you a FREE Ocean Helper Baseball Cap worth $24.95!

This bundle will make a fantastic gift to help the person you are buying for commit to reducing single-use plastic. They won't ever need to buy a plastic bottle or use a disposable coffee cup again with these ocean friendly items.

Order The Ocean Helper Bundle For A Free Baseball Cap!



Bamboo Toothbrushes

These may not be the most exciting gifts but a years supply of eco friendly toothbrushes is very thoughtful and is sure to help reduce plastic waste in their bathroom. 

Bamboo toothbrushes are an awesome alternative to plastic as bamboo is both biodegradable and super sustainable. They will help to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the bathroom and their charcoal infused bristles can help with dental hygiene. 

Save up to 60% when you order a pack today!

    Top 5 Gifts For Ocean Lovers

    Surfers, divers, swimmers, sailors, kayakers, snorkelers and paddlers - they all have one thing in common... A love for the ocean! Here at Ocean Helper we are all ocean lovers and almost all of our website is tailored for those who, like us, adore our ocean and the creatures that live within it! If you are looking to buy a gift for a fellow ocean lover then please feel free to browse our store here. See below for our shortlisted products that we think are going to make the best Xmas presents this year!


    Turtle Rescue Necklace

    The gift for turtle lovers, an adorable necklace featuring a graceful sea turtle, a poetic symbol of the turtle that has been rescued through your purchase. Our stunning Opal Ocean Collection all highlight the stunning blue fire opal stone.

    Grab yours today for just $29.95 and save 70%!


    Handmade Rugged Wooden Watch

    These rugged watches are handcrafted from natural, ocean friendly materials. Great for the friends who are always losing track of time. A classic unisex design with a rugged, natural look makes this a timeless piece.

    Grab one for HALF PRICE today, just $29.95!


    Shark Awareness Baseball Cap

    Shark Awareness Baseball Caps

    For the shark lovers, an awesome baseball cap to keep the sun out of their eyes and to show their love and respect for sharks. Sharks are a vital part of the oceans ecosystem and are beloved by many.

    We've got some great deals on these caps today, get them for half price!


    Blanket Collection

    Ocean Themed Blankets 

    Perfect for keeping snug in the winter, lightweight and super soft. We have a varied range of ocean themed blankets available including an eye-catching orca print, shark prints, turtle prints and a surf prints. From our collection you are sure to find the perfect one for your friend or loved one.

    Find your favorite design and get $10 off today!



    Seaside Hammock

    For the friend that loves a good nap on the beach, the seaside hammock is comfortable and fully portable for holidays or trips to the seaside.

    Available in either Ocean Blue or Rainbow, this will be the Christmas present that they remember for years to come, as well as an essential for their next trip to the beach.

    Click here to get $10 off seaside hammocks today!

      Top 5 Gifts For Him

      Hunting for that perfect gift for your brother, boyfriend, partner, father, uncle or granddad? Here at Ocean Helper we have made it a little bit easier with this fantastic shortlist of products that are SUPER popular with our male supporters.


      Ocean Helper Beanie


      Our popular Ocean Lover Beanies are back again! Great for keeping heads warm when exploring the coastline or navigating the ocean.

      They have a super soft plush lining that we know will be adored by all.

      Get these Ocean Lover Beanies today and save over 50%!


      Navigator Bracelet - Half Price

      Navigator Bracelet

      High quality Navigator Bracelets are made with a double band braided black leather with a unique compass charm and locked by an anchor. No explorer should be without one and every adventure would love to be gifted one.

      MASSIVE DISCOUNT when you buy today! Save 50%


      Ocean Wave Baseball Caps

      Ocean Wave Baseball Cap 

      Our new Ocean Wave Baseball Caps are proving to be incredibly popular worldwide!

      They come in grey or light blue and are great for keeping the sun off your face. True ocean lovers will adore the trendy wave design, the classic symbol of the sea.

      Currently Buy One Get One Free Baseball Caps pop a couple in your basket today.


      Riptide Ring

      Riptide Ring

      This handsome natural koa wood ring with abalone shell set into the inlay is embracing both the oceans and the forest.

      This Riptide Rings will make an unforgettable and truly special gift for your loved one.

      Order today and save $40! That's HALF PRICE!


      Whale Tail Necklace

      Grab one of these awesome Whale Tail Necklace, symbol of speed, luck and strength for the recipients next adventure.

      Crafted from high quality, durable stainless steel these necklaces are etched with tribal symbols.

      Know a friend who loves to whale watch? Why not pop one of these in the cart for them!

      AMAZING deals on these necklaces at the moment, click here.

        Top 5 Gifts For Her

        Trying to come up with a great gift idea for your sister, girlfriend, mother, aunt or gran? Check out our shortlist of ocean themed ideas for that special lady in your life!


        Mermaid Tail Blankets

        Mermaid Tail Blanket 

        Sure to be the favorite present this Christmas! They'll feel like a mermaid when they slip into this tail, keeping their feet warm and bringing the ocean home. These blankets are available in three different colors - lilac, teal and pink.

        Get $10 Off Mermaid Tail Blankets when you click here.


        Beach Lover Opal Ocean Necklace

        Beach Lover Opal Ocean Necklace

        We have a stunning range of Fire Opal Jewelry for those EXTRA special presents. Treat the incredible woman in your life to an exquisite gift of the Beach Lovers Opal Ocean Necklace. 

        Get 70% off this stunning necklace today! Click Here


        Lace Beach Dress

        Lace Beach Dress 

        We admire any woman who can put together a great beach outfit, but honestly, the Lace Beach Dress makes it easy!

        This dress will make a fantastic gift for the beach babe in your life, they will feel fabulous and beach ready.

        Get $10 Off Lace Beach Dresses Today! Click Here to get this deal...


        Turtle Rescue Bracelet

        Turtle Rescue Bracelet

        Each one symbolises the sea turtle that has been saved through your purchase!

        A collection of charming, turquoise stone sea turtles worn on a hand-woven adjustable bracelet. These heartwarming gift are great for stockings.

        Currently you can get one for just $1 when you click here.


        Turtle Rescue Scarves

        Turtle Rescue Scarf

        An adorable sea turtle print on a super soft fabric. Get the gift that keeps on giving this year, each Turtle Rescue Scarf purchased saves a sea turtle hatchling through our partnership with the Billion Baby Turtles Project.

        For a limited time you can get THREE for the price of ONE! Click Here.

          Top 3 Gifts For Kids

          If you are looking for an ocean related presents for your children or grandchildren then we have a great selection. From stunning gifts to awesome stocking stuffers there are loads of great gift ideas for kids down below.


          Kids Sea Turtle Set

          Kids Sea Turtle Set

          These make excellent stocking stuffers and are a great way to help educate your children about the dangers that sea turtles face. Matching necklace and bracelet set featuring white carved sea turtles, worn on adjustable Leather Ropes.

          You can get this set for HALF PRICE or BETTER when you click here...


          Jolly Roger Pirate Bracelet

          Jolly Roger Pirate Bracelets

          Many children dream of a life at sea, leading a pirate crew to adventure across the ocean. Get them their own Jolly Roger for their wrists!

          The Jolly Roger Bracelet is adjustable to fit most wrists and available in 4 colors, so there is something for everyone. 

          Get these bracelets for HALF PRICE OR BETTER - Click Here.

          3) Opal Ocean Sea Turtle Hatchling Necklace

          Opal Ocean Sea Turtle Hatchling Necklace 

          Little turtle lovers will adore this opal ocean sea turtle hatchling necklace. Made with the stunning, sparkling fire opal stone which reflects the ocean.

          This necklace is a truly heartwarming representation of the sea turtle hatchling that has been saved through your purchase.

          Today get this necklace for just $29.95 - Saving 70%.

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