Ocean Helper Update - September 2019

Reducing Plastic Waste - Tip of the Month!

Each month we are aiming to bring you a new and interesting tip to reduce plastic waste in your home. This month Tammi is back with another awesome tip:

Hi All,

This summer I discovered that my local town has a refill shop and I am incredibly excited to start utilising it! So I bought myself 6 jars to start with and made my way to the shop.

Refill shops allow customers to refill their own container or some provide their own recyclable paper bags for you to use. Paying for groceries, such as pasta, grains, cereals, rice, spices, nuts, seeds and dry nuts by weight. If you take your own container you will need to weigh it before you fill it so you can subtract it's weight from the total at the end. 

I can't recommend enough finding out where your nearest refill shop and investing in refillable glass jars. Make sure to get a range, and think about the size jar you are going to need. Refill shops are giving the customers back the freedom and option to avoid single use plastics when shopping for their groceries and they get competitive prices.

Check out all our Ocean Friendly Products here.

Gearing Up For Fall!

We are into September, schools have gone back and the beaches are empty, well empty of people anyway. We have some exciting offers coming in the next few months but we want to hear from you! What would you like to see from us? Which charities would you like to see us support next? Let us know over on Facebook or via Email - - we love to hear from you.

We have near stock launching next month, so make sure to check your emails for those announcements and we have some awesome offers coming just in time for Christmas!

Surfers Against Sewage

SAS Beach Clean

Surfers Against Sewage are gearing up for the Big Autumn Beach Clean: Summit To Sea! Across the UK thousands of volunteers will be getting together to clean beaches, rivers, mountains, park and even the streets, all in an effort to keep plastic waste out of our oceans.

Taking place from October 19th - 27th there are hundreds of events and we encourage you all to get out there, whether you are in the UK or elsewhere in this wonderful world. Grab a couple of friends and prepare for your very own beach clean. Those in the UK can check out where your local clean up is or you can even organise your own. 

We have a really handy helpful mini guide to doing your own beach clean here. 

SAS have also extended the deadline for their Plastic Free Awards until Friday 27th of September. The Plastic Free Awards are to celebrate the environmentalists doing their part to protect the world from plastic pollution. Celebrating the beach cleaners, the inventors creatively finding plastic alternatives and the activists encouraging businesses and communities to reduce and refuse single use plastics.

Click here to learn more & sign up.

Turtle Rescue Campaign

Sea Turtle

As you likely already know, every purchase made through Ocean Helper saves at least 1 baby sea turtle and this is all done through our partnership with the Billion Baby Turtles Project (SEETurtles).

Have you ever wanted to be a part of sea turtle research? SeeTurtles offer you the chance to work with researchers in Costa Rico, catching and studying Hawkbill and Green Sea Turtles. You can also help to restore Mangroves and visiting organic farms where you can make your own chocolate. Find out more here.

Once again this year Billion Baby Turtles are once again running their school fundraiser challenge. This is an amazing opportunity for US schools to raise money for an amazing charity with awesome prizes available if your school raises the most. Click here to learn more and see how you can enter your school.

Thanks to your support, as of September 1st 2019 we have been able to rescue 21,672 sea turtle hatchling!

You can help us save even more sea turtle hatchlings, every purchase through ocean helper saves AT LEAST 1 baby hatchling! Why not check out some of our Turtle-y awesome products here.

Ocean Helper Appreciation

At the end of August, Cheryl Ishmael‎ shared the photo below on the Clean Ocean Campaign group on Facebook.

Even on vacation she persuaded her husband to grab a mesh bag and get involved in clean ups! Inspiring ❤️️ , well done guys!

Cheryl Ishmael‎

By the way if you haven't joined our Clean Ocean Campaign group on Facebook then you can do so here.

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