Ocean Helper Update - November 2019

Reducing Plastic Waste - Tip of the Month!

Each month we are aiming to bring you a new and interesting tip to reduce plastic waste in your everyday life. This November Tammi, our clean ocean campaigner, has this for you:

Hey Everyone!

So, believe it or not this month I finally made the big, scary switch to a stainless steel safety razor. It has taken me this long to switch from the disposable plastic razors first because I needed to finish the ones I had stashed away in my cabinet but also because I was nervous about using the safety razors, they do appear quite intimidating.

Using the razor for the first time I was still very nervous. I have very sensitive skin so was really concerned about nicking the skin and potentially having a reaction. I used my usual shaving cream and put together my razor with one of the blades it came with. Putting it together is really simple and straightforward - you twist the grip handle to open the top of the razor and then simply pop in the blade and twist it back down. I started with shaving my legs as this is the broadest, easiest area to shave for most women and it was so much easier than I thought it was going to be! One thing that surprised me the most was how much of a better, closer shave it gave. I did come away with a couple of nicks, but for a first time shave with a new product I was incredibly impressed! After the success on my legs I then shaved my arm pits with no casualties at all and once again a quicker, easier, closer shave. 

Honestly, looking back I don't know why it has taken me so long to make this switch. The irrational fear of the safety razor is something I feel a lot of women have, but really they are no different than a disposable razor, with the exception that these are better for the planet! The blades can be recycled, I will be collecting mine in an aluminium can and the razor itself will last a lifetime.

This is an awesome switch that I cannot recommend enough! Not only will you be protecting our oceans from plastic, but it's a better shave and in the long run you'll be saving yourself money.

If you are ready to make the switch today then click here and pop one of our Shaving Kits in your cart. These sets come with a safety razor and blades, a stand to ensure your razor dries correctly upright and stays clean and a travel case with a mirror. Plus we are offering them at Half Price currently, so get yours today!

Surfers Against Sewage

Last month saw the annual Autumn Beach Clean here in the UK. Well done and thank you to everyone who took part, either here in the UK or if you were elsewhere in the world doing your own mini beach cleans! You can check out the results below and Surfers Against Sewage are currently compiling their data to see what the most common sources of plastic pollution are, with this information they will start to challenge those that are polluting our oceans the most and here at Ocean Helper we will be supporting them all the way.

Surfers Against Sewage - Autumn Beach Clean Results

| Image shared from Surfers Against Sewage Facebook Page. 

Turtle Rescue Update

So, if you didn't already know the Billion Baby Turtles is a SEE Turtles program that helps save endangered sea turtle hatchlings by funding local organizations that protect important turtle nesting beaches in Latin America and the Caribbean. Here at Ocean Helper we are so proud to be supporting their amazing efforts.

Did you know that they actually offer opportunities to go and help research different species of sea turtles? That's right, you can go out to a remote beach on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast and work with giant leatherback turtles! Click here for more information on that! 

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook here to see all their awesome updates!

Sea Turtle Image

Thanks to your support, as of November 1st 2019 we have been able to rescue 22,224 sea turtle hatchling!

Want to help us save some more sea turtles? Check out our customer's favorite Turtle Rescue Bracelets here, each one sold saves an adorable baby sea turtle! Or browse - every single purchase saves at least one baby sea turtle!

Monthly Appreciation!

 Appreciation - Images from angelalar9

This month we want to shine a spot light on Angela over on Instagram- She collected her trash for a week and used it to create this costume to demonstrate the catastrophic effects of plastic on our oceans. We think she looked fabulous, trash and all! 

Here is what she had to say on the experience:

"Most of my trash came from the times I was out for work or school and decided to get a smoothie or a tea so what I would do is keep a bag to collect my stuff from the day and then go home and wash it and add it to the costume. Halloween also produces a lot trash... We had a halloween party and we actually started collecting garbage from that too because of how much a single party can produce... We hope to wear these costumes a bunch of times again!"

We asked Angela what effects of this mini project had and how it was going to impact her going forward:

"I have been trying to reduce for some time but this costume proved to me that I could go much further. I want to try to avoid buying things outside by preparing for what I might want. I decided to bring an electric kettle to my job along with my own mug and tea bags. I have been carrying an insulated lunch bag so that I can carry a bunch of snacks and lunch for my long day to avoid being tempted to buy something outside and I would like to purchase bamboo utensils to go along with it! I just purchased reusable containers to pack my sandwiches instead of using aluminum foil. That day we ended up getting food from outside but made sure to bring a reusable bag and ask for no cutlery. Sometimes it’s as simple as just asking the cashier to not pack that plastic bag"

"We are becoming more conscious but there is still more we can do. There is paper and plastic in almost everything we purchase so it does take an extra step but it is 100% worth it and it’ll even save you money. When we throw something away it is so easy to just forget about it and not think about the amount that we are using, but when you start collecting your own trash you can really see the issue. We would never want to live in our own trash so why should the beautiful ocean creatures that live in the water that makes up the majority of our planet have to live in it?"

You can check Angela out over on Instagram at @angelalar9 and if you have any creative awareness schemes be sure to tag us @oceanhelpers because we love to see what you get up to!

This Months Top Offer...

This month we have been focusing on our awesome gift guides here at Ocean Helper in preparation for Christmas this year. However, our final date for Christmas orders was earlier this week - so please remember that orders take 30 days to arrive, and sometimes longer during the run up to the holiday season.

That said, we still have some incredible offers available for you, we are going to have amazing Black Friday Sales so you can treat yourself. Our top pick for today that we know you will love is our Beach Lover Necklace from our Opal Ocean Collection. Today you can get one of these awesome necklaces for just $29.95 - Thats a 70% discount that you don't want to miss. Click here to get your very own!

Beach Lover Necklace

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