Ocean Helper Update - July 2020

Reducing Plastic Waste - Tip of the Month!

Every month we are aiming to bring you a new and interesting tip to reduce plastic waste in your everyday life. This month Tammi, our clean ocean campaigner, has this helpful tip for you:

Hello Ocean Helpers!

Bathing in the sunshine, listening to the waves lapping at the shore. The summer months roll around quickly and I am sure you are making the most of them! I had my first dip in the ocean last week and swam for hours just enjoying the being back in the water. After, my friend and I combed the beach 2 meters apart, collecting litter and even found some pieces of sea glass!

Welcome to July, and with another month comes another waste free alternative for you... My tip for this month is Reusable Ziplock Food Bags. Seeing the amount of plastic washing up on the beaches and being discarded in the streets it breaks my heart which makes it all the more important now that we find more swaps and ways to reduce plastic and waste. Reusable ziplock food bags are a fabulous alternative to clingfilm/ plastic wrap, as they can be rinsed out and reused over and over again. 

If you are looking to get your own ziplock bags then Ocean Helper actually has a fab deal on some. You can get a 4 pack for just $29.95 (save $10). Click here to get yours today!

Reusable Ziplock Bag

What's on July 2020 - Ocean Helper's

We are incredibly excited to announce that last month we were able to donate a total of $305 to ORCA all thanks to your support throughout June!

For July we are shifting our focus from amazing orcas to Shark Awareness, so this month not only will every item purchased from Ocean Helper save a baby turtle through the Billion Baby Turtle Project but we will also be donating 10% of our profits to Shark Trust to support their conservation work and research into sharks. Read more here...

So far this month we have celebrated Plastic Bag Free Day were we challenged you to go plastic free for a day! Our very own head of communications, Katy, took on the challenge herself to see how she could improve in her everyday life, you can read all about her experience here. Then, earlier this week we celebrated the anniversary of the unveiling of the bikini with a 30% off sale across our swimwear collection. That sale is actually still going on, click on the image below to browse our collection and save 30% today!

Save 30% on Swimwear

We are always on the lookout for petition to share to support ocean conservation and marine wildlife protection, if you have any you want us to share or have a cause you need the world to hear about then we would love to hear from you! You can contact us either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or via email directly -

Coming up this month we have Shark Awareness Day on July 14th where we take a close look at some popular and some lesser known shark species. Then we return to our ongoing cause to Save The Vaquita on Save the Vaquita Day on July 18th and have a special offer coming on Hammock day that you don't want to miss. Finally on July 27th we will be celebrating Ocean Helper Day with yet another exciting challenge for you to get involved in. Be sure to follow us on Social Media and keep an eye out for our emails!

Turtle Rescue Update

Sea Turtle Hatchling Image

Thanks to your support, as of July 1st 2020 we have been able to rescue 26,498 sea turtle hatchling!

Want to help us save some more sea turtles? Check out our incredible offer to Buy One Get One Free on Sea Turtle Awareness Bracelets, every single one sold saves a baby sea turtle!

Or browse our range of ocean inspired jewelry, homewares and accessories on - every single purchase saves at least one sea turtle hatchling AND we donate at least 10% of profits to marine charities.

July's Awesome Offer

This July we have brought back our epic deal on Shark Awareness Baseball Caps! Usually $24.95 each they are reduced to HALF PRICE, and when you buy a pack to share with friends and family you can save even more!

Click the image or the link below to get yours today.

Shark Baseball Cap

Click here to get your HALF PRICE Shark Awareness Cap.

We love to see the clean up jobs that you take part in, if you want to be featured on our Facebook, Instagram and even our Newsletter then just send us a message and some photos via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email - 

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