Ocean Helper Update - January 2021

Reducing Waste Advice For January

Each month Tammi, our clean ocean campaigner, brings you a new and interesting advice to reduce waste & help protect the ocean in your everyday life. Here is the first tip for 2021:

Hello fellow ocean lovers!

We made it through 2020 and have finally reached 2021! A new year full of new opportunities to reduce waste and help heal our oceans. I am pumped to be bringing you more tips to help you reduce waste and this year I want to help you with different habits you can take up and activities you can be a part of to reduce waste, not only in your everyday life but to also help support your families and communities. Plus I want to make these segments more interactive so will be setting mini tasks and challenges for you to take part in each month!

My first piece of advice for 2021 is keeping with our coral theme this month. Aside from supporting the amazing Reef Restoration Foundation to help restore damaged and sick reefs, you can take a look at your suncream to ensure that it is reef safe! You may or may not be aware that chemicals in sunscreen can be toxic to coral reefs, but it is very easy to know if your sunscreen is coral safe or not.

The main thing two ingredients that you want to look for are oxybenzone and octinoxate, these two chemicals are very harmful to corals.

Fair warning many coral safe sunscreens are more expensive than your average high street ones, but not only do they protect the coral reefs from toxic chemicals and particles they also work better for you and your skin!

Here are some of the Coral Safe Sunscreens that we can recommend:

So my challenge to you this month is to check the sunscreens you have at home and see if they are reef safe! If they aren't then you can contact the producers via email, social media or letter to ask if they would consider making their sunscreen reef friendly. If you do take part in this mini challenge then let us know and share your letter & any response you receive, I am talking with my boss to see if we are able to arrange for a reward for participants or not, so make sure to get in touch if you do take part!


What's on January 2021 - Ocean Helper's

Thanks to your amazing support in December we were able to donate $260 to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary!

To kick of 2021 we are supporting the Reef Restoration Foundation, so 10% of sales will be going to the this incredible cause who are establishing marine coral nurseries to help restore reefs that have been damaged or killed. Learn more about them and their work on their website, click here.

We started January (and the new year) with Drinking Straw Day which we took the opportunity to remind you to refuse plastic straws, plus we were giving away free bamboo straws with orders. Following that we shared a petition to protect Miami's last urban reef from Disney Cruises! Looking more at the effects and impact of cruise ships on coral reefs.

Protect The Coral Reefs

Coming up this month we are excited to celebrate Penguin Awareness Day! This year we are taking a look at two penguin species, Royal Penguins & Macaroni Penguins! After that we have another petition for you to sign to protect Puerto Rico's Reefs. Keep an eye on your emails and our social media pages to hear more about these upcoming events.

We are always on the lookout for petition to share to support ocean conservation and marine wildlife protection, if you have any you want us to share or have a cause you need the world to hear about then we would love to hear from you! You can contact us either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or via email directly -

Turtle Rescue Update

Sea Turtle Information Image 8

Thanks to your support, as of January 1st 2021 we have been able to rescue 27,486 sea turtle hatchling!

Want to help us save some more sea turtles? Check out our incredible offer to get an Opal Turtle Hatchling Necklace for 70% off! Every single one sold saves a baby sea turtle, plus 10% is going to the Reef Restoration Foundation to support their amazing commitment to restoring reefs.

Or browse our range of ocean inspired jewelry, homewares and accessories on - every single purchase saves at least one sea turtle hatchling AND we donate at least 10% of profits to marine charities.

Coral Inspired Bracelets

Our Coral Inspired Bracelets are handmade and available in 6 different colours. Make sure to have a peak in the description to see what type of coral each bracelet is inspired by.

They are crafted using stones as well as a sea shell. If you order yours today then you will get a second absolutely free! Take advantage of our Buy One Get One Free Offer now and pop your favourite bracelet in your cart today! Order before January 31st!

Coral Inspired Bracelet

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We love to seeing your litter picking adventures and your journey to reduce plastic waste. If you want to be featured on our Facebook, Instagram and even our Newsletter then just send us a message and some photos via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email - 

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