Ocean Helper Update - December 2020

Reducing Plastic Waste - Tip of the Month!

Every month we are aiming to bring you a new and interesting tip to reduce plastic waste in your everyday life. This month Tammi, our clean ocean campaigner, has the final tip for 2020 to help you reduce waste you:

Hello fellow ocean lovers!

We are in the final month of 2020, boy has this year been a strange one, full of challenges and obstacles but hey, we made it this far. Next year is shaping up to be equally full of change and that goes for Ocean Helper to. Instead of different products that are going to help you reduce waste, each month I am going to be bringing you activities or habits that you can change and do to not only reduce waste but also to battle climate change and spread the word in your communities. I will be setting simple challenges each month for you to take part in too, so look forward to that!

The final tip to help you reduce waste and strive to use less plastic in 2020 is Water Bottles. This may seem like the most basic reducing waste habit you can have but still plastic bottles continue to litter our beaches, clog up waterways and are lodged into hedgerows. So even if you have your trusty water bottle on hand all day every day you likely know someone who doesn't.

Take advantage of our Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer on stainless steel water bottles and help to encourage your friends and family to ditch the plastic bottles and go reusable! Click here to order yours today!

Water Bottles

What's on December 2020 - Ocean Helper's

Thanks to your amazing support in November we were able to donate over $310 to Surfers Against Sewage!

This month we wanted to support a cause a little closer to Ocean Helper's home and so 10% of sales will be going to the wonderful Cornish Seal Sanctuary who have been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic. They work tirelessly to help sick and injured seals & marine wildlife to bring them back to health. Learn more about them and their work on their website, click here...

To start December we celebrated Wildlife Conservation Day were we looked at the why sea turtles are still being hunted for their shells, meat and eggs. Following this we shared the Southern Resident Orca petition with you guys, as there are less than 80 left and they are in need of further protection.

Southern Resident Orcas Blog

We have a few more petitions coming up this month, including one to end the 20kg Personal Import Allowance of Shark Fins to Europe, that is enough shark fins to make 705 bowls of soup! There is also a petition from the dolphin project demanding that congress closes all dolphin petting pools. Two incredible worth petition that are super important to protect marine wildlife.

We are always on the lookout for petition to share to support ocean conservation and marine wildlife protection, if you have any you want us to share or have a cause you need the world to hear about then we would love to hear from you! You can contact us either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or via email directly -

With the holiday season in full swing we have a handy zero waste guide for Christmas coming out and a very special post holidays sale as we say goodbye to 2020! Be sure to follow us on Social Media and keep an eye out for our emails to stay up to date!

Turtle Rescue Update

Sea Turtle 36

Thanks to your support, as of December 1st 2020 we have been able to rescue 27,347 sea turtle hatchling!

Want to help us save some more sea turtles? Check out our incredible offer to get an Opal Turtle Hatchling Necklace for 70% off! Every single one sold saves a baby sea turtle, plus 10% is going to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary to support their amazing marine conservation work.

Or browse our range of ocean inspired jewelry, homewares and accessories on - every single purchase saves at least one sea turtle hatchling AND we donate at least 10% of profits to marine charities.

Half Price Ocean Beanies

The super warm and incredibly soft Ocean Helper Beanies are back for the winter! Great for those cold winter walks along the coast, one of these beanies will keep your head amazingly snug.

For December these beanies are HALF PRICE usually $24.95 each, but for a limited time you can get them for just $12.95, if you buy a pack of 4 beanies then they will be just $9.95 each. Order before December 31st!

Half Price Beanies

Click here to order your half price Ocean Beanies today...

We love to seeing your litter picking adventures and your journey to reduce plastic waste. If you want to be featured on our Facebook, Instagram and even our Newsletter then just send us a message and some photos via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email - 

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