Ocean Helper Update - April 2021

Reducing Waste Advice For April

Each month Tammi, our clean ocean campaigner, brings you a new and interesting advice to reduce waste & help protect the ocean in your everyday life. Here is the fourth tip for 2021:

Hello Ocean Lover, 

Spring is here and even better news that the UK has moved out of lockdown so those of us who have been confined to our houses are free to sensibly & responsibly visit the beaches again, maybe take a dip in the ocean, hunt in some rockpools or even make a sand castle! What are you looking forward to this month?

Last month I challenged you to take a closer look at your beauty & skin products as so many companies are starting to make more eco friendly choices and committing to reducing waste. We shared Evolve Beauty with you, a company with a team that believes that it is time for beauty too evolve to be more natural and environmental.

This month, I wanted to share another awesome company that I have recently come across, Löfte an Eco Clothing company. Their website has a carefully curated collection of luxury brands created with ethically sourced materials from some of the most exciting sustainable fashion brands. Not only are their products fashionable & sustainable but they also donate 20% to eco-conscious charities.

Shop their fashion collection here!

Lofte Clothing Sale

So my challenge to you this month is that next time you are shopping for clothes really take sometime to think about investing. A better made piece of clothing might cost a little more but it is going to last you much longer. If you are doing some spring cleaning and tossing out those clothes that don't fit or that you just don't wear why not consider donating instead so someone else can made better use of your clothes. Be sure to check out Löfte for their eco friendly & sustainable ladies clothing brands. 

What's on April 2021 - Ocean Helper

Thanks to your amazing support in March we were able to donate over $150 to The Dolphin Project!

For April we are incredibly enthusiastic to be supporting BirdLife International for the first time! As we are focusing on seabirds this month we wanted to support a charity working on seabird conservation and BirdLife International do that and so much more! So this month 10% of gross profits will be going to the this incredible cause who are fighting for the freedom of dolphins around the world and protecting their habitat. Learn more about them and their work on their website, click here.

We kicked off this month with a look into why Seabirds Are Important and some of the Threats To Seabirds. Part of our passion behind this topic is how little it seems to be talked about amongst ocean lovers. We all know someone who has had a negative experience with seagulls stealing their chips or "divebombing" for some ice cream, however there are so many more species of incredible seabirds out there to learn about, protect and respect.

Critically Endangered Seabirds

This month we have a number of awareness days to celebrate, from Narwhal Day on the 10th, Dolphin Awareness Day on the 14th, Earth Day on the 22nd Penguin Day on the 25th and Marine Mammal Rescue Day on the 27th! Wow, that is a lot of days to celebrate and take some time to learn about different marine mammals and how we can do our part to protect them. 

We also have a petition coming later this month but you'll have to keep an eye on your emails to see what that is all about!

We are always on the lookout for petition to share to support ocean conservation and marine wildlife protection, if you have any you want us to share or have a cause you need the world to hear about then we would love to hear from you! You can contact us either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or via email directly -

Turtle Rescue Update

Sea Turtle 11

Thanks to your support, as of April 1st 2021 we have been able to rescue 27,765 sea turtle hatchling!

Want to help us save some more sea turtles? Check out our incredible offer to get an Opal Turtle Hatchling Necklace for 70% off! Every single one sold saves a baby sea turtle, plus 10% is going to the Dolphin Project this month to support their amazing research and conservation for whales and dolphins around the world.

Or browse our range of ocean inspired jewelry, homewares and accessories on - every single purchase saves at least one sea turtle hatchling AND we donate at least 10% of gross profits to marine charities.

Half Price Shampoo Bars All Month Long

April is the month to give Shampoo Bars a go! These bars eliminate the need for plastic bottles in your bathroom. They are made from natural ingredients and are cruelty free.

Usually $19.95 each, this month all of our Shampoo Bars are 50% off! So now is the best time to make the switch and try out natural shampoo bars for your hair.

Not only that but this month 10% of gross profits are going to BirdLife International who are dedicated to protecting seabirds and ensuring their survival.

Shampoo Bars - Half Price

Click here to order your Free Beach Bracelet today!

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