Ocean Helper Update - October 2019

Reducing Plastic Waste - Tip of the Month!

Each month we are aiming to bring you a new and interesting tip to reduce plastic waste in your home. This October Tammi, our clean ocean campaigner, has this one for you:

Hi All,

Earlier this month I finally made the swap to Shampoo Bars, after being a little skeptical (I suffer from dry hair that needs a lot of moisture) I made the switch and am really pleased with the results. 

The shampoo bars are really easy to use, you can either lather the bar in your hands and apply to wet hair, or directly rub the shampoo bar over your hair and then massage in with your fingers. 

The first time I used my shampoo bar my hair felt a little dry once I had rinsed it out, but this is completely normal, as your hair needs time to adjust to the all natural ingredients. After the second wash my hair was feeling almost normal, and just this morning I washed it once more and my hair has never felt better! No more plastic bottles for me.

This is an awesome switch, I can't recommend it enough! Not only will you be protecting our oceans from plastic, but its better for your hair and in the long run you'll be saving yourself money.

If you are ready to make the switch today then click here and pop one of our Shampoo Bars in your cart.

Shampoo Bar

Surfers Against Sewage

Today is the start of Surfers Against Sewage Autumn Beach Clean: Summit To Sea and across the UK thousands of volunteers will be attending hundreds of beach and river cleans!

Autumn Beach Clean - Summit To Sea

This is a UK based event but we would love to see everyone around the world take part, even if it is just conducting a #5minutecleanup or #2minutecleanup. Want a quick guide to beach cleans? Check out Ocean Helpers Mini Guide To Beach Cleans

Let us know if you are getting involved and be sure to share your photos on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Click here to learn more & sign up.

Turtle Rescue Update

As you know every purchase made on Ocean Helper rescues a baby sea turtle, through our partnership with the Billion Baby Turtles project. 


Thanks to your support, as of October 1st 2019 we have been able to rescue 21,934 sea turtle hatchling!

We are on our way to our new goal of saving 50,000 baby sea turtles!

Want to help us save some more sea turtles? Check out our favorite Turtle Rescue Bracelets here, just $1 + shipping and each one sold saves an adorable baby sea turtle! Or browse - every single purchase saves at least one baby sea turtle!

Don't Miss Out On This Month's Offer

Until the end of October we have a FABULOUS offer on our Turtle Rescue Scarves! Extremely soft and available in 3 colors, you'll never want to be without one of these Sea Turtle Scarves. 

You can get THREE for the price of ONE! 


Turtle Rescue Scarves

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