Ocean Helper Day - Your 2 Minute Clean Ups

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Ocean Helper Day giveaway!

To celebrate Ocean Helper Day we asked you to head down to your nearest beach, river or park and take part in a #2minutecleanup and send us a photo. 

Congratulations to the winner of our giveaway Ian Wagstaff who has won our Ocean Helper Pack!

Ian Wagstaff - Diving Clean Up

Ian Wagstaff - Diving Clean Up 2

| Ian Wagstaff - "My partners and I are avid scuba divers, we are constantly on the lookout for ocean debris. Here are a couple of shots from our weekend dive at one of our local beaches, Norah Head, NSW, Australia. Yes certainly find some interesting things!"

Below are the other entries we received, thank you for your support!

Philipp Haase - Clean Up 1

Philipp Haase - Clean Up 2

| Philipp Haase - On Instagram @philipp_lievre_noir


Daniel Burns - 2 Minute Clean Up

| Daniel Burns - "Just a little pick up along my local beach in Australia on a morning walk! Along with my ocean helper hat and necklace."

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