National Coast Guard Day

Today, we honour the brave men and women that protect our waters and shorelines: the Coast Guard.

Coast Guard Day is celebrated on August 4th to commemorate the anniversary of the creation of the US Coast Guard. However, we believe it should be a worldwide event to celebrate the men and women protecting the worlds coastlines! 

Coast Guard - Search And Rescue

Did you know that the term "Coast Guard" wasn't used in the US until 1915? Despite this, the US Coast Guard have been protecting the American Coast since it began in 1790. Across the pond in the UK, Her Majesty's Coastguard was founded in 1829 to replace the Coast Blockade!

Grand Haven, Michigan, is known as Coast Guard City, USA, their annual celebration is famous for it's large gathering of people in celebration and commemoration of the Coast Guard. The amazing people who make up the National Coast Guard put their lives on the line to keep us safe and deserve recognition and appreciation. 

HM Coastguard

When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf coast of America, the US Coast Guard saved over 33,500 lives.  Their maritime efforts rescued an estimated 24,000 lives from peril in severely dangerous conditions.

Let us know on Facebook about your local coastguard and any stories you may have!

To celebrate this day, make sure to take a moment to commemorate the Coast Guard, both local and further afield. Be on the look out for festivals, parades, and other events in your area. Post on social media using #NationalCoastGuardDay and show your support.

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Happy Coast Guard Day!

Coast Guard Call Out

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