Mother Ocean Day 2020

May 09, 2020
Mother Ocean Day 2020

71% of our planet Earth is covered in Ocean.

It is responsible for regulating the weather and temperature around the globe as well as being critical for travel, commerce, exploration and inspiration.

The oceans that cover our planet are vital to our survival, they are the reason life can exist on Earth. Mother Ocean day is all about celebrating the incredible power of the ocean and the ecosystems that it is home to.

Fun & Fascinating Facts About Our Ocean

  1. There are 5 oceans the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian and the Southern Ocean. In total they cover around 71% of our planet. 

  2. The largest ocean, which covers around 30% of the Earth's surface is the Pacific Ocean.

  3. It is estimated that 50 - 80% of all life on Earth is actually found in the ocean!

  4. The Pacific Ocean is home to around 25,000 islands. 

  5. The longest migration taken by any animal is by the grey whale, that will travel over 10,000 miles across the ocean annually.

  6. In the colder winter months, the Arctic Ocean is covered almost completely in sea ice.

  7. Most volcanic activity actually occurs in the ocean, approximately 90%.

  8. The average temperature across the globe's ocean is just 3.5 degrees C.

  9. An estimated 20 million tons of gold is waiting to be found throughout the world's oceans.

  10. On average each year, there is three times as much rubbish dumped into the ocean as there is fish caught!

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