Mother Ocean Day 2019

May 09, 2019
Mother Ocean Day 2019

Annually on May 10th the world celebrates Mother Ocean Day - a day for respecting our oceans and learning about why they are so important

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Why is the ocean so important?

The ocean is not just there for us to swim in and enjoy, they are crucial to the survival of our planet and for too long have been taken for granted. There are 5 oceans that make up our planet, the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern (Antarctic) and these cover 70% of the Earth.

Did you know that the ocean produces over HALF of the world's oxygen! Not only that but it also absorbs 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. 

It is also responsible for helping to regulate the climate of Earth, with the oceans vast coverage it is able to transport heat from the equator to the North and South poles, not only regulating the climate but also weather patterns too.

Our oceans are teeming with life, from the manatees in the Atlantic, to the sea turtles in the Pacific, to the undiscovered mysteries at the very bottom of the depths. The worlds oceans provide a unique habitat for these creatures, making it as vital to protect as the rainforests or plains. 

Want to learn more about why our ocean is so important? Check out this video...

How YOU can celebrate Mother Ocean Day

Why not dive beneath the waves yourself today! Explore your local coastlines, or venture out onto the horizon. Be it by boat, surfboard or kayak, today is the day to get out onto the open ocean water and reconnect with Mother Ocean.

Sea water still a little cold for you? No problem, why not relax on your local beach and enjoy the sound of the waves on the shore or explore the rockpools at low tide and get acquainted with the sea creatures that dwell there.

Spend the day spreading awareness for the importance of the ocean! There is still more to be done to protect it. What ever it is that you end up doing today be sure to let us know on Facebook and Instagram! We love to hear what you are getting up to.

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