Mermaids on a Mission to Protect our Oceans

The story of mermaids has captivated societies for hundreds and thousands of years.

Mermaids in Modern Times

The modern mermaid movement has been gaining great support over the last few years. With more mermaids donning their tails and taking to the waves some are choosing to use their platform and popularity for good.

Many swim with wildlife to raise awareness and break any stigma around the unknown. Check out a few of them below:

Mermaid Melissa

Many mermaids like Mermaid Melissa have always felt a deep connection to the ocean. Mermaid Melissa is actively working to generate awareness for the delicate ocean eco system. She has been lucky enough to swim with manta rays, sharks, dolphins, whales and an array of marine life at The Great Barrier Reef!

Check out the work Mermaid Melissa does and be sure to support her!

Save The Mermaids

This group of mermaids aim to act as ambassadors to the ocean by sharing information and educating their community about ocean pollution and how to protect the sea. Their overall goal is to inspire other to use less and waste less. 

Get updates and find out more on their Facebook Page.

Hannah Mermaid

A world acclaimed underwater mermaid, Hannah not only makes her own incredible mermaid tails but is also a dedicated Ocean Activist. She has travelled around raising awareness for the oceans and its precious life.

Why not check out some of Hannah's work here.

Merman Christian

Merman Christian performs worldwide and has been featured on CNN, ABC and INSIDER. Along side his performance work, he is also dedicated to teaching other how they can do their part to keep the oceans clean, safe and healthy for their inhabitants.

Find out more about Merman Christian here

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