Mermaids Are A Voice For The Ocean

Mermaids are known for advocating to protect life beneath the sea.

Their legends that have captivated humans for centuries.

The History Behind Mermaids

The myths and legends of mermaids date back to ancient Syria, over 3,000 years ago in 1000 B.C. The legend goes that the goddess Atargatis dreamed of becoming a fish but as she dived into the water it was only her lower half that was transformed into a fish. This is where we get the depiction of the modern mermaid. 

Many fishermen and sailors mistook the wonderful manatees for mermaids. It has been documented that even Christopher Columbus made this mistake and thought a manatee skeleton was a mermaid on one of his voyages!

The legend of the mermaids appear in almost every culture around the world, these maidens of the sea were beautiful, with the tail of a fish rather than legs and often had mysterious powers such as seeing into the future, immortality and hypnosis. It was also thought that the gemstone aquamarine came from the tears of mermaids. 

Peak times for mermaid sightings were throughout medieval times when they were considered aquatic animals along side whales and other known sea life, their existence wasn't even questioned and accounts were written as if there existence was based in fact.

Mermaid on a Rock

How You Can Celebrate Mermaid Day

Here are some ways we have found to celebrate mermaid day:

  • Dressing up as a mermaid, you could even try to make your own shell bikini bra or crafting jewelry from shells and sea glass.

  • Making, design or draw mermaid-themed art.

  • Watching your favorite mermaid-themed movies, such as The Little Mermaid, Splash, Siren or Aquamarine.

  • Visit the beach or a pool to a splash, swim and play with your fellow merpeople.

  • Hang out with sea creatures, either at an aquarium/sanctuary or in local rock pools.

  • Why not try swimming with a fin, or a mermaid tail. There are even classes you can attend to learn how to swim like a mermaid, UK Mermaids click here, US & AU Mermaids click here, AU Mermaids click here.

  • Go beachcombing and collect seashells and other beach treasures you may come across - why not do a quick beach clean whilst you are there.

  • Brush your hair with fork, also known as a dinglehopper.

  • Try eating some mermaid snacks such as sushi or clams and shellfish.

  • Take a long, relaxing bath with some refreshing essential oils or bath bombs.

  • Use your voice to advocate for the ocean, as any true mermaid should. Share a fact about the ocean and how people can do their part to protect the seas and their inhabitants.

  • Share your celebration on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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