McDonalds Is Polluting Our Oceans

On March 28th this year McDonalds announced that they were ditching plastic straws from all of its UK restaurants and they began to phase them out in May. 

This is great news! However, McDonalds restaurants are found in 119 other countries around the world and they get over 65 million customers each day. That's millions of plastic straws still being used and discarded.

Single use plastics like straws are literally killing our marine life and McDonald's plays a part in this as the second largest fast food service in the world!

Each year at least a million seabirds and hundreds of thousands of marine mammals are slowly die after they become entangle in plastics or worse, ingest plastic pollution floating in the oceans. As one of the biggest distributors of single-use plasticsthe fast food industry is one of the world’s biggest culprits for the plastic pollution in our oceans.

McDonalds Restaurant Sign

Being one of the most infamous fast-food restaurant in the world, McDonald’s should lead the way in banning the plastic straw.

Please consider taking 30 seconds out of your day to sign this petition online. With enough support, we can make a big difference and help to protect the future of our oceans.

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