Manatee Appreciation Day

The Last Wednesday of March - a day dedicated to Manatees worldwide.

The Manatee, AKA Sea Cows

Manatees are amazing creatures! Back in 1967 they were put onto the endangered species list, but thanks to conservation and protection laws their numbers are back on the increase and that have now been re-listed as at risk. 

Unfortunately, these animals are slow and large making them easy targets for hunters looking to sell their hides, oil and bones. They are also at risk of being accidentally hit by motorboats or getting entangled in fishing nets.

Manatee Factsheet from National Geographic

Fact Sheet from National Geographic - Manatees - Click here for more info

5 Fun Facts

Manatee Appreciation Day was designed to raise awareness around and bring a greater interest to these incredible creatures!

  1. The manatees closest living relatives are, strangely, elephants and hyraxes (a small mammal that lives in Africa).

  2. There are some species of manatee that are able to travel between freshwater and saltwater. 

  3. Some have suggested that the legend of mermaids actually comes from sailors seeing these majestic creatures!

  4. In Florida some of the waterways actually have speed zones to reduce the risk of manatees colliding with motorboats. 

  5. Manatees can live to around 60 years old!

Meet Snooty - The oldest Manatee in the world!

Check out the amazing video below about Snooty the Manatee, unfortunately Snooty is no longer with us but his memory lives on!


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