Making 2021 the Year of Change

Thank you for sharing another year with the Ocean Helper Community. Together we have been able to donate over $2,800 to incredible marine charities and rescued over 4,000 sea turtle hatchlings through our partnership with Billion Baby Turtles!

For 2021 we want to do even more, so we need to hear from your about your favourite ocean conservation charities that you want to see us support, get in touch over social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or send us an email to we would love to hear from you.

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Our Resolutions for 2021:

As we bid 2020 far well we felt that we should share the Ocean Helper teams personal environmental goals and aims for the coming year. This is a chance to get to know us a bit better and we would love to hear your goals!


This year I know that I want to work on a few different aspects, these are 3 of my goals/ targets:

  1. I want to commit more of my time to picking up litter in my local area. Before the pandemic I would litter pick almost everyday while walking my dog, but for personal reasons I had to stop during the pandemic peaks. This year, I really want to refocus and find a way to do it more in 2021, whilst remaining safe.

  2. A big goal I have for this coming year is to make more of an effort to encourage those around me to reduce waste. I know I haven't been pro-active enough with my friends and family, I have always felt awkward trying to broach the topic with them but this year I feel that I need to be more forward.

  3. Try to bake dog treats for my dog. A lot of the current treats I give her come in plastic packages, by making my own at homemade treats I will be cutting out on a good amount of plastic packaging.



  1. Start to cycle more - I often find myself driving to the shop for small items when it is within cycling distance. 

  2. Invest in a seltzer machine - Still guilty of buying fizzy drinks when I go out for the day. A seltzer machine would give me the fizzy fix I need.

  3. Reduce & Reuse - A lot of junk has collected in my home over the last few years, so I need to reduce what I have, donating what I don't need to charity or repurpose/ reuse it for something else.



My focus in 2021 will be focused on supporting marine wildlife & cleaner seas!

  1. I want to do at least 1 beach clean each month, targeting the ghost fishing gear that washes up on local beaches as well as the rest of the litter on the beach.

  2. To hunt for more ways to reduce plastic as well as cool eco alternatives. 

  3. This year I want to raise even more awareness for some of the most critically endangered creatures in the ocean. I will be doing charity bakes, sharing petitions and information and hopefully much, much more!


Some ideas for you...

We know it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to making changes for the environment, if our goals, targets and ideas for 2021 haven't inspired you then here are few easy adjustments that you can make for 2021:

  • Reduce plastic by shopping almost exclusively at a zero waste shops or local markets where it is easier to avoid plastic.

  • Pledge to do a certain number of beach cleans or litter picks throughout 2021.

  • Find a new plastic alternative, whether that means trying reusable face wipes, plastic free soap bars, making the effort to support the sustainable fashion industry and move away from fast fashion.

  • Try a DIY project, for example make your own cleaning products at home, or upcycling some unused household items or even try repairing a broken electrical item to reduce the ever growing electrical waste pile.

  • Maybe this is the year you try composting or look at ways your household can reduce food waste.

  • Pick your favourite ocean inhabitant to raise awareness for! Each month here at Ocean Helper we have a different focus, to raise awareness and donation for amazing causes and we encourage you to do the same.

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