Local Establishments Doing Their Bit!

Earlier this month one of our fabulous Ocean Helpers shared this photo with us:

Free Coffee For A Bucket Of Beach Litter

This photo comes from Island Coffee Haus LLC - an awesome establishment offering this amazing eco friendly scheme.

After sharing this photo on our Instagram, a lovely lady named Teresa reached out from New Zealand to let us know that her local Joe's Garage ran a similar scheme last summer!

Joe's Garage - Sunmer - Eco Scheme

Then on Facebook Whelk Coppers Tea Rooms shared a photo with us of another similar scheme in their cafe! 

Whelk Coppers Tea Rooms

It is inspiring to see so many establishments taking on this arrangement to encourage their customers to collect rubbish from the beaches.

Please share a photo with us if your local cafe, restaurant or tea room does this and we will happily add them to this list and share it across our social media!

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