Let Sleeping Seals Lie

Apr 06, 2020
Let Sleeping Seals Lie

Have you heard the old saying "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"?

Well the same can be said for resting seals.

Earlier this year a video was circulating on Instagram showing a man slapping a sleeping monk seal. We have chosen not to share this disturbing video and instead we want to educate everyone on the proper behaviour around seals and sea lions that are resting on beaches.

What is Seal Etiquette? 

Guidelines and legislation has been put in place to protect most marine mammals. There is nothing more incredible than seeing these amazing creatures in their natural habitat in the wild, however our presence alone can have an impact on their behaviours and habits, so it is important to be respectful.

Here are some of the important things to remember and keep in mind when you are visiting a seal beach, or in a location with wildlife nearby:

  • Keep a good distance from the animals, stay a minimum of 150 feet away. 

    • Even though it can be really tempting to approach these animals, by doing so you can cause distress and panic for the animals. This can cause them to lash out in anger at you or you can disrupt their normal habits. 

    • During pupping season the mothers and their young come to land to nurse. By approaching them you can end up scaring the mother away from her young, and she might be too nervous to return to the pups.

    • Limit the time you spend watching the seals too, it is suggested a maximum of 30 minutes at a time. 

  • Do not touch the animals!

    • Especially seal pups, if you see a seal pup alone on the beach then do not approach or touch them. It is likely that their mother has returned to the sea to forage for food and will return to them.

    • If you are concerned then you can call a seal rehabilitation centre to report it so that professionals can make an informed decision.

    • Do not pour water on seals, as they are often intentionally on land trying to warm up and dry out. 

  • Do not feed them.

    • Feeding them can cause the seals to make a connection between humans and food, this reduces their natural fear of humans. 

  • Keep your pets on leashes.

    • Be sure to keep your pets well away from the resting seals and do not allow them to run up/ around or near the seals.

Sign The Petition - End Seal Harassment

One concerned citizen earlier this year witnessed people climbing over barriers on La Jolla Shores to take pictures with the resting seals. Small children were allowed to run around and even pet the seals, this led to the seals getting increasingly uncomfortable and upset from being disturbed.

Save the Seals has set up a petition to the Mayor of San Diego requesting that more is done to prevent this kind of harassment. If you want to protect seals from further harassment then please take a moment to sign the petition.

Sign The Petition - Seal Harassment

Click Here To Sign The Petition

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