Ocean Helper June 2018 Update

In June we released our own branded range of Ocean Helper Bamboo Toothbrushes! These we are offering as a bundle with our Turtle Rescue Bracelets and brand new Ocean Helper stickers!

Not only that but we also reach our goal to help rescue 10,000 Sea Turtle Hatchlings! With a big push for Sea Turtles Day on June 16th, we have been able to donate enough money to the Billion Baby Turtles Project to complete our aim of saving 10,000 baby sea turtles! 

Billion Baby Turtles

Sea Turtle

The Billion Baby Turtle Project have added a new date to their sea turtle research & mangrove restoration in Costa Rica!! This is your opportunity to help researchers catch green and hawksbill sea turtles to study and release in Costa Rica! You'll also participate in mangrove research and visit an organic farm that grows and makes chocolate! You can register and find out more here:
They also have a new project called Divers For Turtles! For this project they will be working with the diving industry to offer divers ways to help support sea turtle conservation, both in and out of the water. If you are interested, then join their Facebook group here.

All the money that is raised by this organisation goes to local groups and teams who patrol important nesting beaches, keeping poachers and predators away from the turtles and their hatchlings, as well as helping ensure that the new born sea turtle hatchlings safely make their way to ocean.
This months efforts and donation mean that the funds we have raised here at Ocean Helper have helped to saved 10,100 sea turtle hatchlings in total!
Will you help us to save another 10,000?! 

Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage - Lewis Pugh Endurance Swimmer

Image from Surfers Against Sewage Website

This month Surfers Against Sewage are supporting the British endurance swimmer, Lewis Pugh, as this summer, Lewis will be the first person to swim the length (not width) of the Channel wearing only swimming shorts! That's a distance of 560km!! All to raise awareness of the issues our oceans face.

SAS has teamed up with Lewis, Speedo and UN Environment on #TheLongSwim to campaign for 30% of the worlds oceans to be Marine Protected Areas by 2030.
They have the Launch Event taking place on July 11th 2018 on Marazion Beach, Cornwall. For more information click here.

To learn more about Surfers Against Sewage and how to get involved, head to Surfers Against Sewage.

Customer Appreciation! 

We wanted to give a bit of a shoutout to Catriona S. from the United Kingdom. They bought Ocean Helper Baseball caps and gave them as a reward to their friends sons for collecting rubbish at the beach. This encouragement is very important, we need to educate and inspire the next generation!

Customer Appreciation

 "They are great as a sun visor and comfortable to wear ~ made great rewards for friends sons collecting beach rubbish 😆❤️" -  Catriona S

Thank you Catriona! Keep up the awesome work! 

We love seeing what you are getting up to and hearing about the effort you are making to help protect and clean our oceans. Let us know either via email, or on our Facebook page.

Want to Reduce Your Plastic Waste?

Ocean Friendly Collage
If you are interested in ways to reduce your plastic waste check out our helpful downloadable infographic! We also have a blog post and even a Reusables section selling a number of different household items designed to help our customers reduce their single use plastic waste. 


We also think its awesome when you share your pictures with us! You can do this either via our Facebook Page Ocean Helper or on Instagram using the #oceanhelpers. Don't forget to check out our Wall of Fame too! Just visit @oceanhelperwalloffame on Instagram and see if your photo has made it onto the wall!
As always big thank you to all our customers for your continued support. You make it possible to support these great causes and help clean our oceans.

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