Ocean Helper Update - July 2019

Reducing Plastic Waste - Tip of the Month!

Each month we are aiming to bring you a new and interesting tip to reduce plastic waste in your home. This month Tammi, our clean ocean campaigner, has this one for you:

Hi All,

This month is Plastic Free July, and I have noticed a lot of my high street stores have started promoting and selling reusable bottles! Which is awesome news, I always love to see the demand grow for reusables as it means more and more people are taking action.

Avoiding bottled water is one of the easiest ways to reduce plastic in our oceans. More and more refill stations are popping up, read more about that further down in our section for Surfers Against Sewage.

If you haven't already made the switch to a reusable bottle then it is something that I can highly recommend. Not only will you be protecting our oceans from the plague of plastic, but you will also be saving yourself money as you will never need to buy bottled water again. You can also manage and track your water consumption throughout the day, which is especially important now we are into summer. 

Click here and add an Ocean Helper Reusable Water Bottle to your cart.

Ocean Helper Reusable Water Bottle

Bite Back

This month we are supporting shark conservation and donating 10% of profits to Bite Back. Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation is a charity committed to making Britain shark fin free and raising awareness for the high seas on the high street! 

They have already succeeded in drastically reducing the demand for shark fin in the UK. Their work has seen an 82% drop in restaurants serving shark fin soup and 115k fewer portions of Thresher, Mako & Blue Shark are sold every year.

Recently they have been promoting a petition to the UK government to ban imports of shark fin. Along with Steve Backshall taking over their Instagram for a day, check that out here and make sure to give them a follow! 

Surfers Against Sewage


Surfers Against Sewage are leading the fight against plastic bottles on our beaches Through Plastic Free July they are encouraging everyone to look up their nearest refill station. Refillable water bottles are the future. 

There are a few different apps out there and we have found a few of the main ones and listed them below, please let us know on Facebook if you know of any other great apps!

Click here to see where your nearest Refill Station is - USA

Click here to see where your nearest Refill Station is - UK

Coming Soon

Turtle Rescue News

We have some very exciting news about our Turtle Rescue Campaign, keep an eye out for a future news update!

School Appreciation!

In June we were contacted by a teacher from the Institut International de Lancy (Michaela Batchelor) who let us know about the amazing work done by her students. 

The images below are of the posters created for Earth Day 2019 by their students all about protecting the environment and endangered species. We think the work they have done is incredible, don't you agree? 

They even took it a step further and raised over 150 Euros for Billion Baby Turtles! A MASSIVE WELL DONE to all the students! It is so inspiring to see the next generation passionate about protecting our planet.

Students Poster Image 1

Students Poster Image 2

Students Poster Image 3

Students Poster Image 4

Students Poster Image 5

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Throughout July you can get your very own Shark Awareness Baseball Caps for HALF PRICE! 

The sharks that inhabit the worlds oceans are facing a crisis and without them the whole marine eco system could crash! Help raise awareness about the threat of shark finning and show your respect and love for sharks!

Shark Awareness Baseball Cap

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