Is My Razor Contributing to Global Plastic Pollution?

Are you down to your last colorful, single-use plastic razor? 

Is this seemingly convenient, multi-colored, single-use plastic razor a true necessity for women’s beauty or a man’s daily grooming when 2 billion razors and cartridges are unceremoniously dumped in landfills of each year?

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As only one product within the sea of single-use plastic items that not only add to our ever-expanding household usage and expense, this 34 billion dollar industry of the branded disposable razor market is amongst many items that according to some people is not a huge liability in terms of pollution.

However, the razor itself has travelled and evolved throughout the 20th and 21st century, beginning as an excellent design in the stainless steel double-sided safety razor then cunningly transforming into a colourful single use, many-bladed plastic razor which when purchased is encased in moulded plastic, with added plastic guards, protected again with plastic and encased with the plastic branding, therefore as a result, when purchasing the 21st century colourful single-use disposable plastic razor, we are in fact purchasing more plastic than steel!

Typically, without any consideration apart from focusing on either our beauty or grooming habits and practices, the plastic and wrapping sadly end up in the bin. So, how do I, the now conscientious consumer change this daily habitual act and what’s next?

Ok, the next time you consider a new razor, just think about how much you are not only putting in the bin and where that possibly ends up, but also how much it has cost you over the years!!

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For me, as a female, considering these aspects and looking for an ethical alternative has initially created a saving by investing in a new shiny stylish stainless steel double edge razor and blades that will not only last a great deal longer but has been a revelation in experiencing the real ‘close shave’.

Ethically, I also have the added satisfaction that I am not contributing to the global plastic pollution disaster. The only part I now throw away is the paper the blades came wrapped in. I am now contributing to the renewed global plastic pollution revolution!

Take action, feel good and feel ethically smoothe!

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