International Refill Day

November 6th is International Refill Day a day to encourage people to use the refill stations and shops that are available worldwide.

What are refill stations?

A refill station is a place you can go to fill up your reusable bottle or cup with water for free. They can be found in a number of different locations including cafes, restaurants, shops, community buildings and water fountains. You can locate your nearest refill station using the Refill App, which you can download here.

Refill App Logo

So grab your reusable water bottle, download the app and enjoy your days out safe in the knowledge that you can refill your bottle at nearby refill stations. If you check the map and there aren't any in your refill stations nearby you can add stations, if you know that a local cafe offers to refill water bottles for free then you are able to check with them and add their location to the map!

Refill Shops

Refilling your water bottle is the easiest way to celebrate Refill Day, but if you want to up your game and take your refill game to the next level then grab your reusable containers and head down to your local refill shop to stock up on a number of different foods!

Refill Shop

Refill shops have been popping up in communities around the world and are becoming more and more popular. You simply take your own containers, fill them up with the food you need, weigh up and pay before heading home! There is a great range of different food that you can get from a refill shop including rice, flour, sugar, pasta, herbs, nuts and a myriad of other treats. We can't recommend enough heading down to check out your local refill shop, if you don't have reusable containers already then most shops offer paper bags or jars for you to use/ purchase.

Zero Waste Jars

Need a refillable water bottle?

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