International Coffee Day - 2019

Coffee is one of the worlds favorite beverages and it comes in all sorts of flavours and styles. But, often it comes in non-recyclable, single use containers...

Today is International Coffee Day, a day dedicated to celebrating all things coffee! But we want to remind you to think about the ocean over your morning brew and avoid those disposable coffee cups! 😉

5 Coffee Cup Facts for International Coffee Day!

  1. It is estimated that 3 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day.

  2. Most disposable cups are NOT recyclable or compostable as they contain around 5% plastic.

  3. Polystyrene disposable cups will take over 500 years to break down and as it does it releases toxins and chemicals into the environment around it.

  4. Roughly 16 BILLION disposable coffee cups are thrown away each year.

  5. Most 'compostable' disposable cups actually involve a more complex form of composting to be able to break down.

Coffee Cup Information

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