International Coffee Day

Coffee is the way most of us start our day, and what is better than drinking it from a plastic and guilt free reusable mug!

Today is our annual celebration of International Coffee Day, dedicated to celebrating all things coffee, from a flat white to chai tea lattes. Here at Ocean Helper we like to take the opportunity to remind you to think about the ocean over your morning brew and avoid those dreadful disposable coffee cups!

The Problem With Plastic 22

Ditch The Disposables! Reusables Last A Lifetime

  • Just by buying 1 cup of tea or coffee in a disposable cup each day you will be creating 23lb of waste a year!

  • Unfortunately, disposable coffee cups that contain coffee residue which means they are not suitable for recycling, this along with the fact that most cups are made up of paper and plastic which cannot be separated easily in the recycling process. This results in them being sent to landfill where they are left to either degrade or are incinerated, both creating a lot of CO2 emissions.

  • It is estimated that the average office coffee addict could well get through over 500 cups a year. If your office has a coffee vending machine with disposable cups, it might be time to bring your own mug or travel cup!

  • Some of the bigger coffee chains such as Starbucks and Costa are beginning to embrace customers bringing their own cups. Some businesses are giving customers a discount if they bring their own cup to fill with your favorite caffeine hit.

The Problem With Plastic

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