International Coastal Clean Up Is Coming...

This Saturday is International Coastal Clean Up Day! An annual event started over 30 years ago, it's a day for communities to come together to collect and document the trash that is littering our coastlines.

You can find a clean up that has been organised near you with this help of Ocean Conservancy - They have put together this brilliant map with all the planned clean ups!

Ocean Conservancy Cleanup Map

To celebrate International Coastal Cleanup Day we want to offer all Ocean Loving customers a FREE Ocean Helper Surf Bracelet! 

Whether you have already got one and want another, or if you are new here and are ready to join the Clean Ocean Campaign! Grab one today and help to raise awareness for cleaner and healthier oceans!

Ocean Helper Surf Bracelet

Get A Free Bracelet Today

CleanSwell - Ocean Conservancy's Cleanup App!

Also check out the CleanSwell App, aviailable on both Apple and Android devices!

Be sure to head over to the Clean Ocean Campaign Facebook Group, let us know what you are getting up to for Coastal Cleanup day and tell us what you think of our Ocean Helper Surf Bracelets!

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