How you can help to save the Vaquita!

We have been talking a lot recently about the vaquita, but this is because NOW is the time to take action and save the vaquita from extinction!

Take The Pledge

Take The Pledge Today

One of the ways you can help to protect the vaquita is by only supporting sustainable and legal fishing practices. How can you do this?

  • Check to see where your food comes from, buy local where you can and ask questions to find out more about where the seafood has come from and the method behind how it was caught.

  • Support restaurants and other establishments that make an effort to source sustainable & legally caught fish and seafood.

  • Spread the word - Raising awareness for the vaquita and informing more people of their plight. Sharing information, it's one of the easiest ways you can help.

  • Support charity organisations, such as the Porpoise Conservation Society & the Sea Shepherds who work to research and conserve these creatures.

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