How you can help our oceans?

Every purchase enables us to raise funds for our favorite marine conservation causes (Surfers Against Sewage & Billion Baby Turtles) and helps us the message of the need to protect our oceans and reduce plastic consumption.

Surfer On A Beach with SAS logo

We get many messages from customers asking what more they can do individually to help the cause. As Ocean Helper is not a charity we don’t accept donations but we do encourage you to raise funds or donate directly to your favorite ocean charity.

Marine Conservation Charities

Cleaning up the ocean is a global problem which needs the co-operation of the World’s governments and businesses, but there is still lots you can do on a local level to help reduce the impact of plastic pollution and encourage others to do the same.

Neville Murray from Facebook collecting rubbish on the beach

Neville Murray from Facebook collecting rubbish on the beach.

Bellow are some of our suggestions of ways you can help.

We love hearing your news so please share your events and fundraisers with us at and we’ll help promote it or send some goodies to support it.

Together we can all work on cleaning our oceans.

Ocean Helper Surfing

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