How Much Can You Recycle?

Each year more & more people are looking at what they can do to protect our planet. With more demand comes more solutions and ideas...

What can be Recycled?

You likely are already aware of what goes in household general recycling. The main five are:

  1. Paper
  2. Cardboard
  3. Glass
  4. Aluminium
  5. Plastic

Plastics as a material is separated into around 7 different types, some of which are easier to recycle than others. This fantastic infographic from Kristin Peaks, - (December 03, 2018) shows what they are and how they are used:

Different Types of Plastic

With the recent drive to protect the planet and to create a more sustainable society more and more local recycling centres are accepting a wider range of materials to be recycled. Always check to see what your local recycling centres can recycle, it might surprise you what you could be recycling!

Terracycle - What is it and how can you take part?

There is an amazing company called Terracycle, who recycle all manner of plastics and products that typically cannot be recycled by local recycling centres. Depending on where you are in the world there offer an incredible service to recycle things such as chocolate wrappers, toothpaste tubes, crisp packets, juice cartons, food wrappers and makeup packaging. 

"TerraCycle offers a range of free programmes that are funded by conscientious companies, as well as recycling solutions available for purchase for almost every form of waste."

You can take part in three different ways:

  1. Set up a public drop off point where people can bring their collected waste. To set up a drop off point simply select the program you want to join, for example crisp packets, and register the public drop off location, usually an office, shop, school or hospital. 

  2. Drop off your collected waste at your nearest public drop-off location. You can find your nearest public drop-off location on the interactive map provided by Terracycle on their website.

  3. Collecting and sending off from home. If there are no public drop-off locations near you and you are not able to set one up yourself, you can collect at home as a private collector.

Learn more on their website, find out what can be recycled in your area:

USA Terracycle:

UK Terracycle:

Canada Terracycle:

Australia Terracycle:

New Zealand Terracycle:

Belgium Terracycle:

Germany Terracycle:

Ireland Terracycle:

France Terracycle:

Spain Terracycle:

Sweden Terracycle:

Norway Terracycle:

Netherlands Terracycle:

Denmark Terracycle:

Brazil Terracycle:

Mexico Terracycle:

Japan Terracycle:


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