Happy Hagfish Day!

Oct 16, 2018
Happy Hagfish Day!

What is Hagfish Day?

This day was created by WhaleTimes in 2009 to celebrate the beauty of ugly. Hagfish are the perfect example of this as these deep-sea scavengers ooze buckets of slime but they also play an important role in their ecosystem.

How can you celebrate Hagfish Day? 

The creators of hagfish day, WhaleTimes, have a few fun ways for your to celebrate today, from creating a bouquet of the least attractive flowers you can find, to writing haikus to all things icky and ugly. 

Head over to their website to find out more!

Want to learn more about the hagfish?

Well, here are 10 cool and slightly weird facts about this mysteriously 'gross' creature!
  • Hagfish can go MONTHS without food!
  • Sometime people refer to them as "Slime Eels" but this is incorrect as they are not a type of eel. They are in the class "Agnatha" - which are fish without jaws.
  • Despite not having a jaw, the hagfish does have two rows of tooth-like structures made from keratin that they use to burrow deep into carcasses.
  • To ward off predators and protect their food hagfish produce slime! According to common hagfish mythology, they can fill a 5-gallon bucket with the stuff in mere minutes!

  • To stop itself from choking on its own slime, a hagfish can “sneeze” out its slime-filled nostril, and tie its body into a knot to keep the slime from dripping onto its face.
  • This slime gives hagfish a slippery exit when attacked by predators. A larger fish looking for a meal instead gets a mouth full of slime, while the hagfish can slide away.
  • The hagfish helps to clean and recycle dead animals from the seafloor. They also serve as a food source for fish, seabirds and seals—at least those that can make it through the slime.
  • Hagfish absorb nutrients straight through their skin.
  • The only known fossil hagfish, from 300 million years ago, looks very much like a modern hagfish, leading some scientists to speculate that it hasn't really changed much.
  • Not only are hagfishes jawless, but they are also boneless. They have a skull made of cartilage, but no vertebrae.

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